Review : Spire Cooler

Posted on Wednesday, October 16 2002 @ 06:05:19 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
PC Tech Zone reviewed the Spire Cooler :
We tested the Spire Skive Stream On the Intel Celeron 1.1 ghz. The installation of the cooler was simple, the 3 pin connector, has just the right amount of tension for a perfect mount. The copper insert was perfectly positioned for good contact with the processor, we used the preapplied pink compound for installation. The Spire Skive Stream, was a big improvment from the stock cooler. We had a temp of 46/C with the stock cooler and with the "Skive Stream," the temp dropped to 38/C nice improvment. The fan spins at 4800 RPMs so its not very loud, I could not hear the fan with the case closed. We Ran the Seti at home test for an hour with temperatures icreasing to 42/C. The Spire Skive Stream, comes AMD recomended. This cooler is a great replacement for factory coolers, and for stock or little overclocking speeds.

Review Link : PC Tech Zone

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