Intel Core i7-9700K nearly hits 5.3GHz on all cores on air

Posted on Tuesday, September 04 2018 @ 14:30 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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A week ago, we wrote about how the Core i7-9700K got overclocked to 5553.7MHz with watercooling. Now we hear someone managed to hit 5285.7MHz on all eight cores with nothing but a rather mainstream air cooler. Looks like these new chips with soldered IHS overclock pretty well.
The most impressive part about this feat is the cooling. A mainstream-looking tower-type cooler is used. Crossing 5.20 GHz with all cores enabled takes current-generation i7-8700K at least AIO liquid coolers. This is probably a testament to the soldered IHS the i7-9700K is equipped with, which improves heat transfer between the die and the IHS.
INTC Core i7-9700K 5300MHz on air

Via: TPU

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