AMD: Making decisions for next 3-5 years

Posted on Wednesday, September 12 2018 @ 13:36 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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CNBC's Jim Cramer had an interview with AMD CEO Lisa Su, to discuss how AMD went from a firm on the edge of bankruptcy to one of this year's hottest tech stocks. Su said that when she became CEO of AMD, she had to decide where to allocate resources, and looked towards what they thought the future would hold:
"We decided to make the right investments. Technology is all about making the right choices, where we're going to invest, and where we're not going to invest...three or four years ago, it was mobile phones, tablets, and IoT that were the sexy things, and we were like 'hey we know that those are good markets, but those are not AMD.' We focused on what we thought the future would hold for us," said Dr. Su. "We are making decisions now that you won't see the outcome of for the next 3-5 years. We're making some good decisions," she added.
There are several interesting tidbits in the interview, including Su stating that AMD doesn't count on its competitors underperforming. However, her response about the competitive situation in the GPU market was more crafty, she said "there can be multiple winners in this market."

AMD is also helping both Microsoft and Sony with their own "secret sauce" by providing semi-custom chips. This includes game consoles, but in the case of Microsoft it also extends to Windows an Azure cloud computing projects.

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