Intel Launches New XScale Processors With Flash-memory Built-in.

Posted on Wednesday, October 16 2002 @ 9:27 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel announced several advances in memory and processing technologies yesterday. This will help to significantly improve battery life, performance and storage capacity for mobile phones and other devices of such kind like PDA's :
The latest additions to Intel's line-up of technologies include the world's first 1.8 volt multi-level cell wireless flash memory chip based on 0.13 micron process technology. In addition, Intel is delivering new microprocessors using innovative packaging technology that "stacks" memory and processor chips together, bringing powerful computing and memory capabilities in a single system package designed specifically for wireless devices based on the Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel PCA).

The new devices will not only consume less power than the competitors, but will also utilise less space, making the handheld devices even more portable.

Intel today introduced the 1.8-volt Intel StrataFlash Wireless Memory, which incorporates the company's new low-power, multi-level cell flash memory technology for wireless devices. The new product is the first in the industry to combine fast data access with Intel StrataFlash technology, doubling the amount of data in a single memory cell (multi-level cell) for higher performance and greater data storage. It is the first to be produced on industry-leading .13 micron process technology, and is the industry's first multi-level cell flash memory to run at 1.8 volts, drawing nearly 40 percent less power than the industry's previous low-power leader. The new memory technology is available in 64, 128 and 256Mb densities.

In addition, Intel will use an innovative memory stacking technique called "stacked chip scale packaging." This allows Intel to stack up to four individual 1.8-volt Intel StrataFlash Wireless Memory devices to achieve storage densities of up to 1Gb of code and data - making it the first 1.8 volt, 1Gb component in a single package...
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