Intel's Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP)

Posted on Tuesday, September 13 2005 @ 0:52 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Here's a look at Intel's Stable Imaging Platform Program (SIPP) for businesses. Basically this program guarantees corporates the platform will be available for at least 12 months or more.

There are three SIPP programs:
Intel Professional Business platform for higher-end businesses that may perform content editing, 3D rendering and audio/video applications.
Intel Fundamental Business Platform for companies that only need typical office applications.
Mobile Business Platform for mobile computers.

Stable Image Platform Program
Platform Name Processor Chipset Features
Professional Business Platform 2005 Pentium 6xx 945G HT; 800FSB; 2MB L2; DDR2; PCIe; GbE; EM64T; AMT; GMA950
Professional Business Platform 2006 Pentium 9xx Broadwater G DC; 800FSB; 2x2MB L2; DDR2; PCIe; GbE; EM64T; New AMT; VT; New IGP
Business Platform 2004 Pentium 530-550 915G HT; 800FSB; 1MB L2; DDR/DDR2; PCIe; GbE; GMA900
Fundamental Business Platform 2005 Pentium 531 945G HT; 800FSB; 1MB L2; DDR2; PCIe; GbE; EM64T; GMA950
Fundamental Business Platform 2006 Pentium 631+ Broadwater GF HT; 800FSB; 2MB L2; DDR2; PCIe; GbE; EM64T; New IGP
Mobile Business Platform 2004 Pentium M 855 family Centrino; Intel Pro/Wireless 2100
Mobile Business Platform 2005 Pentium M 915GM/PM/GMS Centrino; Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG and 2915ABG
Mobile Business Platform 2006 Yonah SC/DC 945GM/PM/GMS Centrino; Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG; [VT; AMT; Pro/1000 PL/PM Network]

More details can be read at AnandTech.

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