Top 10 Characters in Underrated Video Games

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 10 2019 @ 18:58 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
It happens that a game lacks something to become popular. This can be beautiful graphics, interesting plot, or competent marketing policy. Anyway, there are 10 games that have not received attention despite the fact that it is impossible to call them unequivocally bad. The modern video game industry has given virtual life to an incredible number of vivid, memorable characters whose deeds have become an example for many. In each game, people have favorite characters. Some of them are completely unique, have a distinctive set of behavioral and personal qualities. However, they all have charisma, strong willpower, and strength of mind. Thanks to this, they overcome all life difficulties and move towards the achievement of goals. So, here we have 10 most charismatic characters in underrated video games. By the way, on this Russian dating site, you can find a girl who likes video games as you do.

1. Booker Dewitt, BioShock: Infinite
Perhaps the attraction of Booker lies in the fact that we don’t see him at all and really don’t know who he is. Each person represents the character of his ideal Booker, a charming and unsociable killer with a low voice of Troy Baker. And if in Infinite, he paid quite a bit of attention to himself, then in Burial at Sea, he, still remaining behind the scenes, turns into some kind of mythical, almost divine character. Therefore, at some point, you start looking at Booker through the eyes of the main character. The best scene in the entire BioShock series is the moment at the very end of Burial at Sea when Booker comes to the daughter in a vision to help her, and we finally see his face – not the same as in trailers and on a poster.

2. Ezio Auditore, Assassin’s Creed
In Assassin’s Creed games, there brave, strong, and determined men always act. But Ezio stands out among them. For fans of the franchise, the second part was the most favorite one thanks in large part to the charisma of the main character. It is enough to recall the words of his mother, Maria Auditore, “Stubborn, shrill, tends to be first in everything but so ardent that it is impossible to be angry with him.” And it is impossible not to love him. Comparing to many other computer machos, Ezio looks real, his emotions want to be believed, and, at the same time, he looks simply stunning, with his impish Italian smile and the most stylish outfit in all games.

3. Handsome Jack, Borderlands Series
“Good girls like bad guys.” This phrase is perfect for Handsome Jack. He has everything a really bad guy needs: charisma, intelligence, wit, and a memorable appearance. He is mad, and he will go to his goal over the heads. In addition, he is rich and powerful. And even if he failed to carry out all his evil plans, he had already kidnapped all women’s hearts. That is why, by the way, we recommend paying attention to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Jack is still young and hot, but he already demonstrates the firm insanity and cruelty to the fullest. Even after death, this evil genius will not leave anyone alone. In short, Jack will not leave anyone indifferent.

4. Rayne, Bloodrayne
Rayne is not just beautiful; she also has a sharp tongue which can be noticed if you don’t miss the screensaver between missions. She is the so-called Dampier, that is, half a woman, half a vampire. The girl looks spectacular: red hair, black latex suits, high-heeled shoes. The image is completed by sharp teeth and hefty blades with which the heroine cuts enemies. The sequel to Bloodrayne tells the story of revenge. The plot is transferred to our day. She kills his vampire relatives to get to her father who has dealt with the family of her mother. Unfortunately, after the first part, the humor gradually evaporated from the series, giving way to gloomy pathos.

5. Mary Reed aka James Kidd, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag
If you haven’t seen Mary Reid cut her finger and paint her lips with her own blood, you missed one of the best moments in the entire Assassin’s Creed series. She is just a sample of a high-quality female character which is still small in the gaming industry: strong, intelligent, self-sufficient, and beautiful but without showing eroticism. Mary’s sexuality is expressed more in how quickly she is able to tear the offender’s throat than in revealing outfits. Don’t take your eyes off her: there is something magnetic in this heroine. And despite the fact she doesn’t appear very often in the plot of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, every meeting with her causes delight.

6. Dante, Devil May Series
Dante was pretty cool in any part of the series, but in Devil May Cry 4, he became a real sex symbol. He exuded impossible amounts of charm, subtle irony, brutality, sexuality and showed them in all available ways, from elegant movements in battle and facial expressions to jokes and excellent voice play. Almost any woman would like to be with him; almost any man would like to be like him. And the fact that he won the first place in the voting of the employees of Gambling is just one more confirmation of this.

7. Kate Walker, Syberia game series
An unprepared reader can get the wrong idea about girls in computer games from our article. In fact, heroines of games can be very modest (in appearance, too) and romantic girls who do not have any superpowers and even a gun. That is Kate Walker from the Syberia quests. In the game, she has to be purposeful and very quick-witted. Without this, you will not convince a stubborn robot, move a train, and find mammoths. In 2017, the long-awaited continuation of the story was released, and, obviously, Kate developed her strengths.

8. Chun Li, Street Fighter
This fascinating Chinese woman is one of the oldest video game characters. But many people have not even heard of her. Chun Li is an expert in Chinese martial arts. And she has taken a worthy place in the ranks of the experienced fighters. Attractive appearance, heightened sense of justice, excellent fighting skills will delight any gamer. It is not surprising that Chun Li’s image is one of the most sought-after cosplayers around the world, and her story has been reflected in several films, although the most memorable incarnation is Jackie Chan’s character Chung Li in the comedy City Hunter.

9. Nariko, Heavenly Sword
The game came out at the dawn of the PlayStation 3 and was forgotten. Heavenly Sword tells the story of Nariko, a girl who was unlucky to be the heir to the legendary sword. The life of the heroine takes place in a wandering tribe which also doesn’t like Nariko. According to the prophecy, everyone was waiting for the appearance of a boy who would establish order on the planet. But the girl was born, and people’s hopes collapsed. The heroine turned out to be strong: she not only looks good but also superbly handles the Heavenly Sword and performs tricks no worse than any other character of video games.

10. Faith, Mirror’s Edge Series
Mirror’s Edge shows a beautiful, at first glance, future: the city of skyscrapers, futuristic interiors, and the original design of buildings. Behind a stylish facade, there is a world of dictatorship where there is no freedom of speech and private life left, and there are almost more policemen than civilians. The secret of correspondence can be provided only in one way – by transferring a letter to a recipient. The main character of Mirror’s Edge is an Asian girl. She not only easily jumps from one skyscraper to another and runs along the walls, but is also able to kill any guard.