Common RuneScape Tips and Cautions to Avoid Making

Posted on Monday, Sep 30 2019 @ 11:13 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
RuneScape is a browser game that can transfer you to the mysterious fantasy world of Gielinor where many gamers are already registered worldwide. The vast lands of this game are available for each participant to study, where everyone can receive more and more new skills. Get ready for long journeys, learning magic spells and meeting the most extraordinary creatures here. The tips and cautions written below will increase your chances to survive.

RuneScape scene

Five Common Tips to Follow for Newcomers:
1. Visit the Players Security Fortress and the Defense Fortress frequently. Learn how to protect yourself in the Runescape and earn some gold or follow to and buy RuneScape gold.

2. Try to complete as many tasks as possible. Some of them give you extra skill points, extra rewards or access to special locations and shortcuts. Choose tasks corresponding to your level.

3. Do not agree on offers with which some players try to steal things from others. If you do not know the price of the item, visit the auction or look at the bottom of the trading screen: the approximate price of the goods is indicated there.

4. Find a fighting style for yourself. You can become a warrior, a shooter or a magician. You can also mix all styles into one hybrid class.

5. Keep in mind that achieving a high level in any battle style can take up to a month, depending on how much you play.

RuneScape scene 2

Cautions to Avoid:
  • Sometimes, players will try to convince you that they can create a free premium account for you. This is a lie. Do not believe them and inform the administration about their actions.
  • Carefully read the rules for complaints about players. You should not write a complaint to a player who did not violate the rules: this may be considered improper use of in-game support and lead to account blocking.
  • Do not hack the game. This will lock your account.
  • Never share information about your account, even if your best friends ask.
  • Do not visit the Security Fortress without setting up a pin from a bank account and security questions. Also, bring a good armor and plenty of food with you.
  • The game can take a lot of time, so often look at the clock, so as not to be late for work, a meeting or any important arrangement.
  • Do not share your account with other people, including friends, family members, or acquaintances. If, of course, you want to avoid the risk of account theft.
  • If you notice a player violating the rules, notify the administrator or moderator.

    From the first seconds, the game RuneScape will amaze you with its graphics. Indeed, everything here is painted simply amazingly: clearly, brightly, and originally. So gamers-aesthetes will certainly be satisfied. At least 180 long and exciting quests have already been launched, and, apparently, the developers are not going to stop there.

    Get ready for the incredible journey and feel free to share your ideas on how to improve your game style with us.