Micron X100 NVMe SSD with 3D XPoint promises massive speed

Posted on Friday, Oct 25 2019 @ 18:09 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Micron has launched its first 3D XPoint based product. The company co-developed the technology with Intel, but so far we haven't seen any real products other than the Intel-made Optane series. This changes today as Micron introduces the X100 NVMe SSD, which will start sampling later this year.

The Micron X100 series promises over 9GB/s read and write speeds, up to 2.5 million IOPS, and a latency 11 times better than NAND SSDs. The product is aimed at the datacenter and cloud markets. No word about capacities or pricing, but this should be pretty expensive.
MICRON INSIGHT — Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU), today announced a breakthrough in nonvolatile memory technology with the introduction of the world’s fastest SSD, the Micron® X100 SSD. The Micron X100 SSD is the first solution in a family of products from Micron targeting storage- and memory-intensive applications for the data center. These solutions will leverage the strengths of 3D XPoint™ technology and usher in a new tier in the memory-to-storage hierarchy with higher capacity and persistence than DRAM, along with higher endurance and performance than NAND.

“Micron’s innovative X100 product brings the disruptive potential of 3D XPoint technology to the data center, driving breakthrough performance improvements for applications and enabling entirely new use cases,” said Micron Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer Sumit Sadana. “Micron is the only vertically-integrated provider of DRAM, NAND and 3D XPoint solutions in the world, and this product continues the evolution of our portfolio towards higher value solutions that accelerate artificial intelligence capabilities, drive faster data analytics and create new insights for our customers.”

Micron X100 SSD — Performance for the Cloud and Data Center
With a combination of industry-leading high bandwidth, low latency, high quality of service (QoS) and high endurance, the Micron X100 SSD provides game-changing performance for big data applications and transactional workloads. The Micron X100 SSD accelerates data center applications by delivering larger amounts of data in real time, and it dramatically increases the speed of data transactions while maintaining predictably fast service for quicker time to insights.

  • High-performance local storage — offers up to 2.5 million input/output operations per second (IOPs), more than three times faster than today’s competitive SSD offerings
  • Industry’s highest bandwidth — has more than 9GB/s bandwidth in read, write and mixed modes and is up to three times faster than today’s competitive NAND offerings
  • Ultralow latency — provides consistent read-write latency that is 11 times better than NAND SSDs
  • Application acceleration — enables two to four times the improvements in end-user experience for various applications with prevalent data center workloads
  • High-performance in small size storage — eliminates the need for overprovisioning storage for performance
  • Ease of adoption — because the Micron X100 SSD uses the standard NVMe interface, requires no changes to software to receive the full benefits of the product

    The Micron X100 SSD will be in limited sampling with select customers this quarter.
  • Micron X100

    On a related note, Micron also revealed some new NAND flash memory based disks:
    Micron 7300 NVMe Series SSDs
    The Micron 7300 NVMe series of SSDs are designed for workloads that demand high throughput and low latency. They are ideal for commonly used mixed read-write, compute and virtualized tasks such as SQL and NoSQL, for hyperconverged infrastructures, and for compute-centric cloud platforms. The use of 96-layer 3D TLC NAND technology brings cost and power efficiencies while the drives offer end-to-end data path protection, power-loss protection, secure firmware and instant secure erase capability.

    The 7300 NVMe series come in a wide variety of form factors, capacities and endurance levels. The drives will be available for ordering starting in December 2019. The 7300 series of drives complement Micron’s existing data center portfolio, which includes the high-performance 9300 NVMe SSDs announced earlier this year.

    For more information on the Micron 7300 series of NVMe SSDs, including capacity ranges and specifications, visit: https://www.micron.com/products/solid-state-drives/product-lines/7300

    Micron 5300 SATA Series SSDs
    The new Micron 5300 SATA SSDs allow enterprises to extend their infrastructure investment by enabling an upgrade of their data centers with next-generation SATA drives. The Micron 5300 SSDs are the industry’s first 96-layer 3D TLC enterprise SATA drives with enhanced security. The new SSDs are optimized for read-intensive and mixed-use workloads while offering reliability that is 50% higher than the industry average for SATA drives.

    The 5300 SATA series of SSDs are available in a range of capacities, from 240GB to 7.68TB. To learn more about the Micron 5300 SATA series of SSDs, visit: https://www.micron.com/products/solid-state-drives/product-lines/5300

    Crucial X8 Portable SSD for Consumers
    The Crucial X8 Portable SSD, introduced by Micron’s industry-leading consumer brand for memory and storage upgrades, caters to the ever-expanding need for more storage by consumers, who are capturing more photos and playing larger console and PC games than ever before.

    The Crucial X8 portable drive delivers impressive performance in a sleek case. With read speeds up to 1,050MB/s,3 the drive performs 1.8 times faster than similar portable SSDs within the same price category and up to 7.5 times faster than portable hard drives. The Crucial X8 is compatible with a variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, PS4s, XBOX Ones, iPad Pros, Chromebooks and select Android devices.

    Crucial’s award-winning SSDs undergo thousands of hours of Micron prerelease validation and extensive SSD qualification testing before market release. The drive is drop-proof up to 7.5 feet.4 Crucial X8 is backed by a three-year limited warranty and available for ordering in capacities up to 1TB at crucial.com and through select global partners. For more information, visit: crucial.com/X8

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