How Manufacturers Are Using Technology to Build Better CBD Products

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 11 2019 @ 00:07 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
When suffering from intense pain that regular anti-inflammatories cannot fix, patients will do almost anything to get a few hours of relief.

CBD is a product that, in recent years, has become a popular choice for pain relief as well as the relief of symptoms caused by various medical conditions.

This hemp-derived compound has developed greatly since its initial discovery, due in part to technological advancements that have led to a better manufacturing process. More uses for it have also been discovered through improved research studies.

To maintain an understanding of how useful CBD can be for many users, it is important to recognize just what is taking place in the creation of CBD-based items.

There are multiple methods manufacturers are now using that are technology-based to create better, more useful CBD products.

The Manufacturing Process
Although CBD was discovered in the 1940s, CBD-based products were not recognized by the scientific community until much more recently because of a lack of research and understanding.

Modern technology has advanced the manufacturing of CBD products greatly so that more users can feel safe using them.

The first step in manufacturing a CBD-based product is to derive it from the hemp plant. Manufacturers must only utilize the parts of the plant that contain CBD and no THC, which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that causes a euphoric effect.

According to Ion Labs, the important parts of the hemp plant can be dried in specialized drying chambers that keep CBD levels high before the plant is refined to be included in the final product.

After drying and refining, the leftover product is dissolved into a solution safe for human consumption and filtered. The result has to be properly distilled before it can be distributed as the various products it comes it.

There are many ways to take CBD, like oral supplements or topical creams, and a multitude of health benefits keep the market growing. The process of CBD product creation has become more structured due to the new developments in the industry, making it a safer option for those looking for new solutions to pain management.

More Research Studies for Advanced Uses
One of the only ways to create a better chemically-based product is to do research, research, and more research.

Research into CBD has been an ongoing process since the 1940s, making the product it is today more advanced than where it began because of how many scientific studies have evolved.

Initially, people were not aware of all the benefits CBD could offer. According to Kyro, the 1980s were full of studies and experiments to test how CBD could be used to help epilepsy since that was the only real medical condition that seemed to see a successful reduction of symptoms when CBD was administered. Now, of course, advanced research is being conducted to discover the multitude of uses that CBD offers. These studies are proving its difference from marijuana and that it appears to be a safe method for most users to aid with neurological conditions and other bodily discomforts.

It has also been shown to assist with anxiety and sleep, among other effects on blood pressure, cholesterol, and arthritis pain. Since the lines of legality and complete safety are still a little blurred due to the FDA not regulating many CBD products, new research is helping to create products that users trust and can benefit from.

Technology Helps Determine Safe Methods for Use
By using technology in CBD manufacturing, more insight into the side effects of CBD have been made clear.

Side effects appear to be mild and temporary, with none of them being life-threatening. Tiredness and dry mouth seem to be the most common along with stomach aches and nausea.

While many early studies searched for CBD’s effects on epilepsy, it happened to be found to reduce psychiatric disorders. Epidiolex is the only drug regulated by the FDA that contains CBD, and it is used for the treatment of childhood epilepsy.

Even though the FDA has only approved one CBD-based drug, it is also sometimes recommended for those suffering from severe arthritis pain as well as insomnia and depression or anxiety.

All of these uses have been discovered through extensive technological advancements and clinical research.

According to DailyCBDMag, the amount of CBD that a user should take largely depends on the person. New users should start with low doses to find out its effect before upping the amount they take.

Even a small dose can make a difference if used correctly and consistently. CBD products are generally safe when administered in regulated amounts. While overdose is not possible, it is still a good choice to take low amounts to test how the product impacts your body. Keeping a journal of the effects a dose has is the best way to determine if it should be modified to make a difference.

Technology Helps Measure the THC Content in the Product
What differentiates CBD from marijuana is the THC content. Marijuana contains THC, while CBD does not contain any or microscopic amounts that would not have an effect on a user.

This makes it more appealing to users looking for the relieving benefits of CBD without high marijuana causes.

Technology makes it possible to determine the exact THC content of a CBD product before it is marketed to the public. According to CoolThingsChicago, the legal limit of THC in a CBD product is below 0.3%, so it is important for all products to follow this guideline to keep users safe and the use of CBD products legal.

The THC content was enacted at the federal level, though states can still enact their own laws that completely ban CBD use. Through technology, many CBD product manufacturers hope that all states will recognize that low or no THC makes their products safe.

While CBD is by no means a method of treatment for any illness, it is a way to relieve uncomfortable symptoms while staying away from the sometimes unpleasant effects of marijuana. Check out this list of the most popular CBD manufacturers today and the conditions they’re treating.

The many uses of CBD have been discovered through advanced research that technology has benefited largely. CBD manufacturers can now make improved products that are possible to distribute widely and assist more people.