Computer vs. Mobile Betting

Posted on Wednesday, March 04 2020 @ 9:50 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Online betting is here to stay. Today, many people prefer placing a bet on their favorite teams from the comfort of their homes than visiting a brick and mortar betting outlet.

While the popularity of online betting is generally on the increase, over the years, we are beginning to see a shift in how gamblers place their bets.

A move towards mobile-friendly sites
At the beginning of the online sports betting revolution, betters play and wager from their desktop computers. At the time, it was literally, unthinkable due to awful user experience to browse websites on mobile.

But due to the convenience and the on-the-go feature of mobile devices, visits to websites continued to surge. With time it became clear that traffic from mobile is a real thing and would over time become on par or overtake visits from desktop.

Online casino companies were not left out on this trend to capture more mobile users. Today, betters enjoy using mobile to wager online just as much as when they are playing from a bigger screen.

From mobile-friendly to mobile first
With more and more users opting to place bets from their mobile device, in fact, according to the data released by the Global Online Gambling and Betting Markets, sports betting on mobile is projected to become the dominate means gamblers place their bets. The report estimated that more than 100 million people use their mobile device to bet on sports events.

Companies striving to offer the best experience possible to their uses are switching from just mobile-friendly to a mobile-first strategy. This means, betters can now place bets and have it instantaneously executed.

This move towards a mobile-first online experience opened up a number of opportunities including using sports app and live streaming services that enable users seamlessly place bets while at the same streaming favorite sporting events.

Unibet Sports App is a typical example of a mobile first online betting platform that not only allows users place bets from their smart devices. Users can also watch their favorite sports events using Unibet TV - Live sports streaming with over 40,000 events covered every year.

Now to our first question, computer vs. mobile, which is better?
While you can comfortably play and place bets online comfortably using each of the method, whether playing from computer or mobile, they both has their pros and cons. However, as we have come to realize, most users use the method that best suits their need at a particular point in time.

For example, while at home with a desktop nearby, most users will opt to play online using their computer. Most users play or bet online from computer because:

  • Since most websites were originally designed for desktop, they render more easily on computers making for a more natural experience.
  • Computers have larger screen sizes which means, more elements and navigation tabs are displayed. Users don’t have to hunt around to find what they are looking for.
  • For most users, the internet connection on computers are faster and more secured than browsing from mobile.

    Pros of using mobile:
  • The major thing going for mobile is its portability. Users can play and place bets regardless of where they are as long as there’s an internet connection. You cannot use your laptop while commuting but can certainly use your phone which means you can follow your favorite team, place bets and stream events on the go.
  • While some may argue the small screen of mobile device is a disadvantage, it can actually be a merit. For instance, smaller screen means you have more privacy, no one can look over your shoulder to see what you are doing. Plus, newer mobile devices are increasingly fitted with bigger screens.
  • Users carry their smartphones around and spend more time on them than they do on desktops which means, they get used to smaller screen, hence not a problem for betting online.

    While you may find using computer more convenient, data and trend show that mobile is where the future is, so you might as well jump right in.

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