ASML ships first multi-beam inspection tool for 5nm

Posted on Tuesday, June 02 2020 @ 10:51 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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ASML is one of the big names in the semiconductor industry. This Dutch company makes the tools that are used by Intel, TSMC, Samsung, and others to manufacture cutting-edge chips. In recent years, the company managed to bring its EUV technology to maturity and now AnandTech reports that ASML has shipped its first multi-beam inspection tool for 5nm. The new eScan1000 moves a single beam scanning process into a nine-beam scanning process, which can increase the throughput by as much as 600% for in-line defect inspection applications. The tool is suitable for current processes, including 5nm, and beyond.
The company explains that the new eScan1000 tool contains an electron optics system that splits a primary beam into multiple beamlets, while also collecting and processing the results from these secondary beamlets. The tool has limited crosstalk to sub-2% to maintain imaging quality, and uses a high-speed mode to increase the overall throughput, and new computational hardware acceleration to process the data from the beamlets quicker than before. The tool is also available at a range of beam currents, assigning it for both physical defect inspection and voltage contrast inspection. ASML promotes the fact that it has a proprietary database that excels in defect detection capabilities, spotting defects missed by more traditional metrology methods.
The first ASML eScan1000 system was shipped to a "Silicon Valley customer" in the past week for initial testing and qualification at a customer site.

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