ThermalTake teases five new radiator fans

Posted on Friday, June 05 2020 @ 16:06 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
A bunch of new radiator fans from ThermalTake. There's no Computex this month due to the COVID-19 pandemic but the Taiwanese company is still sending over lots of press releases. The firm has five new fans; the TOUGHFAN 12 high static pressure fan, the Pure A12 and Pure A14 radiator fans, and the Pure Duo 12 and Pure Duo 14 ARGB radiator fans. Most of these products will ship on June 22, 2020, with exception of the TOUGHFAN 12, which will follow in Q3 2020.
Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, announces the TOUGHFAN 12 High Static Pressure Fan for ultimate precision and increases stability for users’ high-end cooling needs. The TOUGHFAN incorporated a 2nd generation hydraulic bearing, ultra-tight tip clearance, and equipped with a reinforced-metal motor hub. The TOUGHFAN fan is a PWM controlled fan designed to perform at a maximum operating speed of up to 2000 RPM and is optimized for high static pressure while maintaining minimal noise.

Pure Duo 12/14 ARGB Radiator Fan comes in black and white color versions, is also a PWM controlled fan with two independent rings and nine addressable LEDs on each ring that allows users to switch among seven lighting modes. Moreover, Pure Duo can synchronize with 5V RGB capable motherboards from ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, and ASRock, to display 16.8 Million color combinations by editing lighting software supported by those motherboards. Another PWM controlled fan, Pure A12/A14 LED Radiator Fans, on the other hand, has nine LEDs, which come in four fixed colors: red, blue, green, and white. Both Pure Duo 12/ 14 ARGB Radiator Fan and Pure A12, and A14 Radiator Fans are designed with a hydraulic bearing with a self-lubricating friction-reducing substance, which reduces noise production while improving thermal efficiency. The anti-vibration mounting system allows the fans to operate at the maximum fan speed of 1500 RPM providing minimal noise.

All three types of fans are cost-effective and allow users to choose according to their needs, whether they would love some RGB fans or just a simple high-pressure cooling fan.

Features of the TOUGHFAN 12 High Static Pressure Fan & Pure Duo 12/14 ARGB Radiator Fans & Pure A12/A14 LED Radiator Fans: PWM Controlled Fans

Collaborate with the CPU to work up or turn down the fan speed to reduce CPU heat efficiently.

High Air Pressure and High Air Flow
  • TOUGHFAN 12 has a pressure of 2.41 mm-H2O with an airflow of 58.35 CFM.
  • Pure Duo 12 has a 1.72 mm-H2O with an airflow of 56.51 CFM, while Pure Duo 14 has a 2.24 mm-H2O with an airflow of 82.23 CFM.
  • Pure A12 has a 1.59 mm-H2O with an airflow of 56.45 CFM, while Pure A14 has a 2.05 mm-H2O with an airflow of 93.15 CFM.

    Hydraulic Bearing with Low-Noise Design
    All three types of fans are designed with a self-lubricating friction-reducing hydraulic bearing , which reduces noise production while improving thermal efficiency. The seal cap prevents lubricant leakage and extends the lifespan of the unit.

    Anti-Vibration Mounting System
    The In-mold injection anti-vibration rubber pads dampen the vibration of the fan allowing the fan to spin at higher levels without compromising noise levels. The fan is designed with 80% coverage for all corners, maintaining low noise levels when in operation.

    Motherboard RGB Sync Ready (Pure Duo 12/ 14 ARGB Radiator Fans Only)
    The fans are designed to synchronize with ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and ASRock Polychrome. The Pure Duo 12/ 14 ARGB Radiator Fans support motherboards equipped with 5V addressable RGB headers, allowing users to control 16.8 Million Color lighting effects directly from the software mentioned above without installing any extra lighting software or controllers.

    Seven Lighting Modes (Pure Duo 12/ 14 ARGB Radiator Fans Only)
    Users can switch among seven lighting modes by clicking the controller to change modes.

    4 - Color Selections (Pure A12/ A14 LED Radiator Fans Only)
    Pure A12/ A14 LED Radiator Fans not only creates an aesthetically pleasing liquid-cooled system but also delivers extraordinary performance during operation. The fans are available in four colors to match with any build you desire.
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