ARM-based Apple Mac to get new macOS recovery features

Posted on Friday, June 26 2020 @ 12:53 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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WCCF Tech has some details about new features that will be exclusive to Apple Mac computers with the company's in-house ARM-based processors. The systems will have a new macOS boot based on the Secure Boot used on the iPhone and iPad devices, and there will also be a new macOS recovery feature.
macOS Recovery on Apple Silicon Macs will also feature two new features called Mac Sharing Mode and Startup Disk. Mac Sharing Mode will replace Target Disk Mode and utilize SMB file sharing to allow access to user data. Startup Disk will allow selecting full or reduced security modes for the various disks in a Mac. Full security mode will provide the same security features that you get on an iPhone, while supporting booting from external disk. This will be the default mode in Apple Silicon Macs. Meanwhile, reduced security mode will allow users to install any compatible version of macOS, and notarized 3rd-party kernel extensions.
Apple also confirmed that users will be able to disable Secure Boot, Root Volume Authentication, and System Integrity Protection - so it's new platform will not be completely locked down.

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