Apple patents hybrid plastic-metal for stronger devices

Posted on Tuesday, June 30 2020 @ 16:15 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Patently Apple writes Apple patented a technique that may be used to improve the durability of future MacBooks (and perhaps other devices). The Cupertino-based company describes a new manufacturing process that bonds plastic to metal. To be more specific, the patent talks about filling pores or other apertures in the metal with a material that bonds more strongly with the plastic than does the metal alone. This should make devices more durable and may also enhance waterproofing.
At the moment, Apple is placing more emphasis on the use of glass for iPhone construction for wireless charging purposes. So, while the patent illustrates that their hybrid metal and plastic process of construction could apple to an iPhone and MacBook, it's the MacBook where this patent is likely to surface if Apple gives the project the green light.
Apple plastic metal hybrid material

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