NVIDIA: Poor GeForce RTX 30 series supply may last several more months

Posted on Thursday, November 19 2020 @ 10:42 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
During the company's earninings call yesterday evening, NVIDIA revealed poor availability of its new GPUs may last several more months. The company not only got caught off-guard by demand that exceeded even their bullish expectations, as evidenced by the huge revenue growth seen in NVIDIA's Gaming segment, but they're also suffering from industry-wide capacity constraints. As such, it may take several more months for supply to catch up with demand.
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

So, C.J., first off, we have a lot of visibility into the channel, as you know, especially for gaming. And we know how many weeks of inventory is in what parts of the channel. We’ve been draining down the channel inventory for Turing for some time. And meanwhile, we’ve also expected a very, very successful launch with Ampere. And even with our bullish demand expectation and all of the Amperes that we built, which is one of the fastest ramps ever, the demand is still overwhelming. And this I guess in a lot of ways is kind of expected, the circumstances are -- it’s been a decade since we’ve invented a new type of computer graphics. I mean, two years ago, we invented [indiscernible] and it set the industry on course to create the type of images that we see today. But, it’s very clear that the future is going to look something much, much more beautiful. And we invented NVIDIA RTX to do that. And it has two capabilities, one based on ray tracing and the other one is based on artificial intelligence image generation. The combination of those two capabilities is creating images that people are pretty ecstatic about. And at this point, it’s defined the next-generation content.

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