TEAMGROUP sampling first DDR5 memory modules for consumers

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 15 2020 @ 14:38 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Memory module maker TEAMGROUP announces it has created the first engineering samples of consumer-class DDR5 memory. The company has shipped modules to motherboard makers for validation. The first TEAMGROUP DDR5 memory modules are 16GB modules, they use 1.1V and run at a frequency of 4800MHz.

Previously, TEAMGROUP said these modules would ship in Q3 2021. So when will you be able to use DDR5? It's rumored that the Intel Alder Lake-S will be the first chip to support DDR5, this 10nm chip is expected in the second half of 2021. AMD will reportedly introduce DDR5 support with its 5nm Zen 4-based CPUs, these are expected in 2022.
TEAMGROUP, a global leader in computer memory, has rapidly responded to market demand changes during the crucial transition period of next-generation DRAM technology. By integrating the newest technologies to promote its development of DDR5 memory, it has outpaced competitions and developed the first engineering sample of consumer-grade DDR5 memory. With this success, it will welcome the new DDR5 generation with consumers worldwide.

TEAMGROUP Successfully Develops Consumer-Grade DDR5 Memory and Is First To Enter the Validation Phase With Motherboard Manufacturers
Presently, TEAMGROUP is working hard at producing its first batch of DDR5 memory with the tentative specifications of 16GB, 4800MHz, and 1.1V for a single module. The company is cooperating with major motherboard manufacturers, such as ASUS, MSI, ASRock, and GIGABYTE, providing memory and working together with their R&D divisions to perform validation tests. Through the collaboration of R&D teams, TEAMGROUP was able to accelerate the development of its DDR5 memory by adjusting the initial parameters. The successful completion of the validation phase will confirm that the frequencies of standard DDR5 products surpass those of overclocked DDR4 products, and will represent another big step forward in the evolution of computer memory.

It is expected that consumers will not need to enter BIOS to enable the overclocking function as the DDR5 generation begins. After installing DDR5 memory, consumers can directly boot up their computers and experience the high performance without the overclocking step of DDR4. The powerful advantages of faster DDR5 will be instantly demonstrated and consumers will be able to effortlessly enjoy the extreme speed brought by the new generation.
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