How long is vape juice good for

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 30 2020 @ 17:40 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Now e-cigarette have gained much popularity among people. The user’s of e-cigarette is more than a 40million. E-cigarettes or vapes are alternatives to the traditional tobacco cigarette, and vape juice is the alternative to tobacco. Vape juice makes vapor and gives its user satisfaction with various food flavors as it is a product. It is very typical that it will have an expiry date.

If you use a vape, you need to know some basic things about e-liquid and it’s usage. In a vape juice bottle, you can find its manufacture and expiry date. Sometimes the date is not mentioned then you have to realise the expiration by yourself.

Ingredients of vape juice
To know how long the vape juice is good for first, you need to know its ingredients. Vape juice has four ingredients - Nicotine, VG or Vegetable glycerin, PG or Propylene glycerin and various flavors

. Because of its various ingredients, they may react with each other, and if all the ingredients do not have the same consistency, it is possible to expire.

How is long vape juice good for?
It absolutely depends on your usage. If you use your vape juice properly, it may last for two years, and if you don’t, it may expire in 3 or 4 months. So it’s all up to you.

Why does vape juice go bad?
  1. Vape juice does not like sunlight, heat and a wet environment. So if you keep your vape juice in this environment, then soon, it will expire.
  2. If your vape juice bottle is made of plastic, it is possible to expire than a glass bottle as glass has more protection power than plastic from light, heat and air.
  3. Flavors play an important role here. If your flavor has less potential power, then it may not go well.
  4. If you shake your bottle unnecessarily, it can also make your juice go bad. Please keep it in a safe place and take it in your hand when you need to use it.
  5. If you dilute any kind of liquid in your vape juice and keep it for a long time, it can also expire than its expected date.
How to understand the expiration:
While you will use your vape juice, you can easily understand if the liquid is okay or expired. Because vape juice is made with different ingredients, if it expires, you can see them separated in the bottle and not come back in the same condition as how much you try. While you will try to vapor, the cloud will not remain the same. You will find it very light. If your e-liquid is expired, then it may smell bad, and it may also change its color. The flavor of your vape juice will change and it will not give you the satisfaction like before. Before using your vape juice, always try to notice these matters.

How to prevent vape juice from going bad:
To keep your vape juice good for a long time, you need to keep vape juice in a dry, cold and dark place. Please do not shake it or play with it. After opening your e-liquid, try to restore it in a safe place and avoid storing vape juice after diluting it with any liquid.

Vape juice is an inhaling product, so it is normal to expire, and as this is in a liquid form, so it tends to go wrong more easily. But you can make this time long by your using and storing process.