AMD Zen 5 CPUs to adopt big.LITTLE like architecture?

Posted on Wednesday, April 28 2021 @ 9:13 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Are we heading towards a scenario where all the big processor makers are using a combination of high-performance and energy-efficient cores? ARM made the concept popular with its big.LITTLE computing architecture and later this year Intel will reveal Alder Lake, a 10nm processor that combines high-performance Golden Cove cores with energy-efficient Gracemont cores.

AMD next in line to go big.LITTLE?

So far, we hadn't heard anything about AMD going this route, but now a rumor popped up about mobile Zen 5 processors featuring a mix of big and small cores. The mobile Zen 5 is reportedly codenamed "Strix Point". Unless the company changes its naming scheme, Zen 5 will be used by the Ryzen 8000 series.

Zen 5 will be manufactured on TSMC's 3nm process and if this unverified rumor is accurate, the new architecture will feature up to eight big cores and up to four small cores. Strix Point is said to be an APU series, so we're talking about the Ryzen 8000G to be more precise. It's unknown what this means for the desktop designs.

As things stand right now, Strix Point is slated for a 2024 launch:
The site also claims that AMD has already set its targets for the graphics performance of Strix Point. It is said that Strix Point also brings major changes to the memory subsystem, but no disclosures have been made.

According to the report, AMD Zen5 “Strix Point” is set to launch in 2024, but as mentioned in the article, it is too early to talk about a platform 3 years from now, where a lot can change, especially under current circumstances where supply chains are heavily affected.

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