AMD Raphael CPU IHS has cut-outs for extra capacitors?

Posted on Monday, Jun 07 2021 @ 15:56 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Last week, Twitter leaker ExecutableFix posted renders of the IHS design of AMD's future Raphael CPU. This Zen 4-based CPU uses Socket AM5 and seems to have a peculiar heatspreader with two cut-outs in each of its four sides. ExecutableFix has a bit more information now, he claims the cut-outs are there for extra capacitors. If this is true, overclockers will definitely curse as this makes delidding a lot harder.
ExecutableFix had previously revealed that the AM5 package will require a Land Grid Array (LGA) socket, which would replace Zen3 CPU pins with pads. Some users have noticed that there were no capacitors on the back of the CPU and there wasn’t much room left on the other side. Thus, it was speculated that those capacitors could either be hidden under the IHS or in those cutouts around the IHS. The latter has been proven correct, at least it is according to the latest leak from ExecuFix. -- VideoCardz
According to the latest rumors, Raphael will switch from pin-based socket to pads, similar to Intel CPUs. It's rumored Raphael will use LGA1718.

Raphael slides leak

Next there are some leaked slides, courtesy of GamersNexus. Allegedly, these are from an internal AMD presentation. According to GamersNexus, they received these slides in March 2020, but the site decided not to publish the information because they could not confirm the details. ExecutableFix started leaking similar details some time ago, so GamersNexus is now coming out with this information as it's starting to look more credible.

There is still a bit of uncertainty though, the slides talk about DDR4 support but ExecutableFix now claims Raphael will support DDR5. Furthermore, the slides back up an earlier rumor about Raphael having integrated graphics. It's been rumored recently that AMD is bringing back integrated graphics for regular desktop CPUs.
The slides also confirm a codename for Zen4 CCD which is Durango. According to this 2020 slide, Raphael would feature Zen4 CCD made in TSMC N5 process technology and CIOD3 in TSMC’s N7 process. The slide also reaffirms previous rumors that Raphel would feature on-chip integrated graphics, which would be Navi2 based offering ‘entry level desktop graphics performance’.
AMD Raphael old slide from March 2020

Raphael and RDNA3 to launch at same time?

Next there's a rumor that the AMD Ryzen 7000 series and the Radeon 7000 series could arrive around the same time. A tweet from Broly_X1, who previously leaked accurate AMD information, indicates both Raphael and RDNA3 are currently scheduled for a Q4 2022 launch. A Zen 3 XT refresh is reportedly scheduled for early 2022. At the moment, there's no indication about a possible refresh of the Radeon RX 6000 series.

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