AMD ROCm dev tools confirm Navi31 and Navi33

Posted on Sunday, August 15 2021 @ 18:56 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
VideoCardz reports AMD has added references to the Navi31 and Navi33 GPUs in the source code of the ROCm developer tools. The former is believed to be AMD's next-generation flagship, while the latter may be a mid-range GPU. Both models are listed in a file that was uploaded to GitHub.
The Navi 31 is rumored to be an MCM (multi-chip-module) design with two active graphics chiplets. The GPU is said to offer as many as 15360 FP32 cores, which would be tied to GDDR6 memory. On the other hand, the Navi 33 would be monolithic, making good use of TSMC’s 6nm node with 5120 Stream Processors.
If you're hoping to get your hands soon on AMD's or NVIDIA's next-gen GPUs, you will need to wait quite a bit longer. As things stand now, AMD's Navi3x series isn't expected to hit the market until Q3 2022.

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