Intel Royal Core Project promises to reinvigorate x86

Posted on Friday, August 20 2021 @ 21:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead received tips about Intel's future product roadmap. Intel already shared lots of information over the past week, but Moore's Law is Dead talks about what lies beyond the next couple of architecture releases.

Double the IPC of Golden Cove

Allegedly, Intel is working on a new type of Core that's internally referred to as the "Royal Core Project". According to Moore's Law is Dead, this is the codename for the architectures that Jim Keller worked on before he left Intel. The central premise of Royal Core is to build a new x86-based architecture series that can not only keep up but beat architectures cooked up by Arm and Apple.

Originally, Royal Core was set to debut with the Lunar Lake generation in 2024. However, it seems the project is delayed and won't make it to market until the Nova Lake generation in 2025.

What Intel is planning here would be the biggest leap in performance since the introduction of the first Core series, with Moore's Law is Dead claiming we can expect double the IPC over the Golden Cove cores that are used by Alder Lake-S.

Next, he also claims that by 2026, Intel plans to support DDR5-7400 and equip its CPUs with an integrated machine learning accelerator. SMT4 is also said to be on the roadmap, this is four-way hyperthreading.
Furthermore, MLID provides quotes from his sources with impressive IPC gains for each generation but also revealing Intel’s plans for SMT4 (4-way hyperthreading) and DDR5-7400 memory support. One of the quotes appears to confirm the previous rumor of Lion Cove and Panther Cove microarchitecture codenames for Lunar and Nova Lake.
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