NVIDIA Ada Lovelace is TSMC N5 -- and coming sooner than expected?

Posted on Sunday, August 29 2021 @ 20:33 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Twitter leaker Kopite7kimi offers some fresh rumors about NVIDIA's next-generation GPUs. The guy leaked a lot of very accurate information about NVIDIA's current Ampere generation so VideoCardz follows his Twitter handle closely to pick up new rumors.

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace will use 5nm TSMC node

First up, Kopite7kimi reveals NVIDIA's Ada Lovelace will definitely use the TSMC N5 node. NVIDIA's Ampere GPUs use Samsung but it seems the green team is switching back to TSMC for its next generation. Historically, NVIDIA has used TSMC for almost all of its GPUs.

Ada Lovelace will reportedly launch sooner than what some rumors suggested. VideoCardz speculates this may imply a launch around September 2022, which would be two years after the launch of Ampere.
The same leaker revealed that Lovelace GPUs will actually a bit sooner than previously expected, although no dates are given it is rumored to launch by the end of next year. NVIDIA may want to keep its 2-year cadence of new gaming GPUs, which would be around September 2022.
While AMD's next-generation will use multi-chip module (MCM) designs, NVIDIA is reportedly sticking with a monolithic design for its AD102 flagship. According to the rumor mill, the AD102 chip has 18432 CUDA cores and a target performance twice as high as the GA102. It's said that AD102 is a 600mm² die and that it will consume 400W or even 450W.

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