Review : Harmony Remote Control SST-745

Posted on Monday, October 28 2002 @ 6:13 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Our affiliate Ascully has reviewed the Harmony Remote Control SST-745 :
Hands up, how many of you have at least 4 remote controls sat on your coffee table or lying around your recliner in the living room? I see at least 34,578,578 of you. Recently I was watching a feature on TechTV and was pleased to see a company called Harmony who have a cure for this problem. Now this is no ordinary universal remote like the kind you find down at Wal-Mart for twenty bucks, this is a fully fledged home entertainment center remote, similar to the ones that sell for $500 by companies like Marantz. Among other things, you can browse what's on TV on the handy dandy backlit LCD screen. Let's take a closer look.

Review Link : Ascully

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