Intel Yonah processor naming and Montecito problems

Posted on Friday, November 18 2005 @ 0:10 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel has made some changes to the naming of its upcoming 65nm Yonah processors. The chip giant will now differentiate between single and dual-core processors with a numbering scheme and they will also use letters to differentiate the processors based on their thermal design power.
All 65nm Yonah CPU lines will be designated by one letter followed by four numbers, the makers said. The four numbers following the “E,” “T,” “L,” and “U” TDP designation will begin either with a “1” or “2,” with “1” representing single-core products and “2” dual-core ones, the makers explained.

In addition, motherboard makers pointed out that integrated power management issues may postpone the launch of Intel’s dual-core Itanium processors, dubbed “Montecito,” from early 2006 to the middle of the year.
Intel has informed its clients that the dual-core Itanium line won't support Foxton and DBS power management technologies:
Intel has informed its customers that the dual-core Itanium line will not support Foxton and DBS power management technologies, the makers said, adding that its next-generation Xeon core “Tulsa” will also not feature Foxton. In addition, Intel has given up the 667MHz front-side bus (FSB) for the Montecito line, which will only come in 400MHz and 533MHz versions, according to the makers

Unified 65nm Yonah CPU names

Letter designation

TDP rating









First number

CPU type

E/T/L/U 1xxx

Single core

E/T/L/U 2xxx

Dual core

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