Samsung to launch Blu-ray / HD DVD combo drive

Posted on Monday, January 09 2006 @ 20:15 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The next-generation DVD market will be a mess because there will be two standards but fortunately some companies like Samsung will immediately launch devices capable of playing both Blu-ray and HD DVD disks.
This is what we, and especially our US cousins, actually need. When it comes to High Definition content, the United States is far ahead of Europe. We still lack content, devices and the transition from Standard to High Definition is rather slow.

But it would be patently ridiculous to have to go out and buy two players, one for HD DVD and one for Blu-Ray. We checked some prices in the US and you will have to play at least $399 for a player - and that’s a lot of money. They are still not readily available in the stores but they will be in a month of two. In the USA, that is.
Source; The Register.

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