Apple MacBook Pro battery life has yet to be finalized

Posted on Sunday, January 15 2006 @ 2:48 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
ThinkSecret got their hands on some more details of Apple's new iMac and MacBook Pro. One of the mysterious things is the battery life of the new MacBook Pro notebook - Apple doesn't mention this anywhere on there website and it looks like nobody really knows for the moment.

According to Think Secret the battery life has yet to be finalized.. The MacBook Pro, which will be available in February, will be the first Apple laptop to feature a Lithium Polymer battery. Theoretically this battery should offer a higher battery life but it is unknown how much more power the MacBook Pro needs. According to Apple representatives the battery life will probably be similar to the current PowerBooks.
As previously reported, Intel's Core Duo processor is available in two varieties. Based on speeds, it appears the MacBook Pro's 1.67/1.83GHz processors are drawn from the lower voltage variant of the processor, while the iMac's 1.83GHz/2.0GHz processors belong to the higher voltage performance variant.

This point would seem to lend credibility to Wired News reporter Leander Kahney's recent suggestion that some new products were removed from Tuesday's keynote as a result of a shortage of the Core Duo processors. Without mentioning specifics, Kahney said an Apple source informed him that other versions of the MacBook Pro are in the works and that "he probably wouldn't order one of the new MacBook Pros."
More details can be read over here.

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