Intel preparing 65nm Celeron M processors

Posted on Monday, January 16 2006 @ 22:57 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel is preparing the launch of a 2.33GHz Core Duo processor, the T7200, and is also preparing faster Core Solo chips, faster low-voltage Core Duo processors and an ultra-low voltage Core Duo, the 1.06GHz U2500.

Intel's new roadmaps also show the Celeron M 4xx processors, a single-core processor derived from the 65nm Core Solo Yonahs.
According to recent internal retail-oriented documentation seen by The Register, the T2700 should be Intel's next Core Duo release, though the document doesn't provide a release date. The release time-frame for the 1.8GHz T1400 is likewise unclear, but with Intel's next-generation mobile core, 'Merom', due in Q3, these parts are likely to come sooner rather than later, probably in Q1.

Ditto the low-voltage Core Duo L2500 - also clocked to 1.83GHz - and the ultra-low voltage U2500, set to ship at 1.06GHz running over a 533MHz frontside bus, down from the regular Core Duo FSB clock speed, 667MHz.

Single-core ultra-low voltage parts are on the way too: the Core Solo U1300 and U1400, running at 1.06GHz and 1.2GHz, respectively. Again, the FSB is clocked to 533MHz.
The 65nm Celeron M 410, 420 and 430 are respectively clocked at 1.46GHz, 1.60GHz and 1.73GHz. And there's also a 1.06GHz low-voltage Celeron M 423. More info at The Register.

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