ATI and NVIDIA don't care about next-gen DVD battle

Posted on Tuesday, January 17 2006 @ 0:21 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inq talked with ATI and NVIDIA about the Blu-ray versus HD DVD fight and learned they don't care that much about it.
Whatever happens in the HD DVD versus Blu-ray fight both camps are using architecture based on the H.264 codec. All ATI and Nvidia cares is that their chips can play H.264 faster and better then the rival side. ATI did a good job with its 5.13 drivers that are supporting much of the advanced video features. ATI likes to call it Avivo and Nvidia is still working on it Pure video branded super video H.264 driver answer. That has jet to come but Nvidia was demonstrating its H.264 driver at CES 2006.
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