ATI Imageon 2380 and 2388 handheld 3G GPUs launched

Posted on Wednesday, January 25 2006 @ 17:17 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
With the explosion in demand for quality visual experiences on the cell phone, ATI has leveraged its extensive experience with video and graphics to deliver the latest in handheld technologies with the Imageon 2380 and the Imageon 2388. A complete audio and visual solution, the Imageon 2380 and Imageon 2388 offer end users an enriched multimedia and gaming experience by leading the industry with the implementation of OpenGL ES 1.2, which allows developers to push the boundaries of 3D content development.

OpenGL ES 1.2 allows game developers and content creators to bring more realistic detail in environments, lighting and objects, while maintaining a high level of interactivity. By alleviating a significant amount of work being done by the main processor, the Imageon 2380 and Imageon 2388 can efficiently produce 3D visual effects and drive animation with quality previously unattainable on a cell phone.

"We've had the unique opportunity to work intimately with ATI's Imageon 2380 and uncover all the possibilities that the chip gives game developers like us who are looking to create unique games that excite end users," said Jonas Eneroth, President of Climax's Handheld Studio. "By supporting OpenGL ES 1.2 along with high-resolution (640 x 480) display support, the Imageon 2380 opens up a whole new world of advanced, detailed rendering that makes it possible to bring high-end immersive experiences on handsets. As game developers, we can now deliver an end user experience that can hold its own or even augment our console, portable and PC projects."

The flexible and programmable audio engine in the new Imageon processors enable new features such as positional 3D sound, CD-quality ring-tones and music phones with high-quality stereo recording and playback. Supporting more than seventeen audio components (including AMR, AAC LC, aacPlus enhanced, MP3, Real Audio, WMA and MIDI), ATI provides a full set of industry standard audio solutions optimized for the Imageon architecture's low power consumption and low memory footprint.

The Imageon video engine enables a mobile digital camcorder/player and supports advanced features such as video-telephony and video-streaming. Both media processors support video playback and recording at up to 30 frames-per-second in industry standard MPEG-4 and H.263/H.263+ formats. In addition, they support the latest video formats such as H.264 and Real Video offering compatibility for video streaming applications.

ATI's PowerPlay power management technology is a critical feature integrated in each and every Imageon media processor offering the lowest power consumption at all levels of functionality. All Imageon components come with the necessary software drivers and middleware that is compatible across the product line, offering OEM customers a time-to-market advantage to introduce the latest multimedia technologies with ease.

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