Dell to start using AMD processors in March?

Posted on Tuesday, January 31 2006 @ 22:24 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Analysts claim Dell may finally start using AMD processors in March.

According to Doug Freedman from American Technology Research it will likely mature to include servers and desktops, in that order, in subsequent months.
He added that Apple's deal with Intel won't add very much to Intel's top line, but is interesting because the Inside rebate is not involved.

Nevertheless, if such an announcement comes, Freedman believes that it will affect AMD stock to the tune of 10% plus while Intel's shares may drop by 5%. He said that while AMD has a tech advantage over Intel, it cannot take more than 20-25% from Intel. And that, he said, is likely to give Intel some time to recover.
A deal from Dell with AMD has been rumoured for years now but has never come to anything.

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