VIA launches P4M890 chipset

Posted on Thursday, February 09 2006 @ 23:24 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
VIA has launched a new chipset for mainstream Pentium 4 and Celeron-based desktop PCs. The VIA P4M890 integrated chipset features HD audio and video support, with an output resolution of up to 1080p.
The P4M890's frontside bus runs at up to 1066MHz, and connects the CPU to as much as 4GB of memory. All four DDR clock speeds are supported, along with 400MHz and 533MHz DDR 2, all in dual-channel configuration.

The chipset has its own UniChrome Pro graphics engine on board, but it can support an external GPU across the North Bridge chip's 16 PCI Express lanes. The integrated GPU supports accelerated DVD playback and HDTV output at up to 1080p resolution, VIA said, provided the host system has a suitable DVI or TV-out port. The chip has two 8-bit video capture ports and three 12-bit digital video ports.
More details at The Register.

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