Review : Prolink PixelView PlayTV Box

Posted on Sunday, November 17 2002 @ 6:28 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The tweakers from TweakTown reviewed the Prolink PixelView PlayTV Box :
By now, most folks have heard of Prolink. They are a Taiwanese company that specializes in multimedia, graphics and displays. Born in 1989, they have come up with several products that serve the desires of those looking for that little extra something to make their systems unique. Whether you’re looking for a graphics card based on the latest nVidia GPU or a flat panel monitor, the folks at Prolink can help you out.

And keeping with the tradition of providing that little difference to set you apart, we have as today’s contestant the PixelView PlayTV Box. As the name suggests, it serves as a means of getting a TV signal onto your monitor, but we’ll leave the wherefores and whatnots for a bit later on.
What's in the package?

Review Link : TweakTown

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Re: Review : Prolink PixelView PlayTV Box
by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 18 2006 @ 11:58 CEST

I am very disappointed with the Pixelview Play TV box 3. The Power adaptor and the unit is very sensitive to Voltage. I have given the UPS power through a stabilizer. But the power adaptor + some chips of the unit burnt after one month use. I sent it to Singapore ( from Sri Lanka) through my seller. Even the item is on warranty they charged 2000 rupees (20 USD) (The item was originally bought at 8000 rupees / 80 USD). They took five weeks to send it back. After five days of use the same thing happened again. Now I threw it away even it is on warranty. If I repaired again this might happen again for sure.
My power supply is ok. Given through a UPS + Stabilizer. When the item burns computer CPU, TV booster, Monitor, Audio speakers were too connected to the same line and switched on. But the are NOT BURNT. Only Pixelview Play TV box 3 is BURNT. The Pixelview Play TV box 3 is not stable.