Howto upload files with FlashFXP

Note: This article was originally published in 2005 and may be outdated.

In this howto, I will discuss how to upload files from your computer to a webhost with FlashFXP. To put files on the internet you'll need a webhosting account - either free or paid webhosting.

So before starting this howto you'll need a hosting account and also some basic information from your webhost account such as the FTP address, your user name, and your password. Normally you will have received this information by e-mail after signing up.

In this particular howto I'll explain how to upload files with FlashFXP:
  • First open FlashFXP.
  • Then select the menu 'Site' and click on 'Site Manager'.

  • Click on the button 'New Site' and enter a name.
  • In the IP Address field you'll need to enter the ftp address of your webhost.
  • The port is almost always 21 - so don't alter this unless your host uses another port.
  • Then fill in your user name and your password.
  • Click on 'Apply'.
  • Then click on 'Connect'. The FTP program will make a connection to your webhosting account.

    On the left are the files on your local computer and on the right are the files on your webhosting account. Select the files you want to upload and click on the 'Transfer Selected' icon. FlashFXP will then upload the selected files to your webhosting account.

    You will now be able to access the uploaded files on your website.   

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