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November 30, 2020 
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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars mission spoilers


This article is inspired by an article on Wikipedia, where most of the content on this page originated from. A couple of days before publishing this article I noticed a nice plot line writeup of the GDI, NOD and Scrin campaigns in the C&C3: Tiberium Wars game but it kept getting deleted for various reasons.

So I've decided to repost it over here.

Be aware that this article contains serious spoilers for all C&C3 missions!

GDI Plot Line

The campaign starts with the GDI Commander (the player) being newly appointed to the North American East Coast blue zone. General Jack Granger, commander of the GDI forces, is suspicious about Nod's sudden recession from the public spotlight. He orders the Commander to scout the North Carolina Badlands to investigate suspicious Nod activity. The Commander discovers a massive Nod base and destroys it with the Ion Cannon.

Act I
Shortly after the Commander returns, Goddard Space Center is attacked, leaving the Philadelphia vulnerable to a Nod nuclear missile strike. The Philadelphia is destroyed along with all of the top GDI leadership and Washington DC becomes the new base of operations for the GDI. The first objective as the GDI is to defend the Pentagon from waves of Nod infantry divisions, as it is the only location other than the Philadelphia that can communicate with and control the GDI forces worldwide. The Commander follows up the defense by recapturing Langley Air Force Base and Hampton Roads, restoring GDI air power and denying Nod reinforcements. Finally, with Nod forces in disarray, The Commander retakes the White House from Nod and ultimately drives them out of the Washington blue zone.

Act II
The Commander's victories inspire other commanders to take the offensive in all areas in the Blue Zones. Treasurer Redmond Boyle becomes the Director of GDI through succession and promises a swift and final victory against Nod. However, interrogation of Nod prisoners reveals the possibility that Nod possesses weapons of mass destruction and is willing to use them. The Commander is sent to Egypt to investigate a chemical weapons facility in Casabad. The Commander discovers that Nod is using Tiberium based weapons, which have a significantly greater potential for destruction than conventional weapons. The Commander destroys the facility and the Brotherhood's ports in Alexandria to prevent the weapon from leaving Africa. Finally, the Commander receives intelligence information that the nuclear missile silo which had destroyed the GDSS Philadelphia is based in Cairo. The Commander destroys the base, ending Nod's control in the entire area.

Kane has rebuilt Temple Prime in Sarajevo in the exact location of the previous temple of the First Tiberium War. After saving a forward base in Croatia, the Commander goes to Albania. With a strike force consisting of infantry divisions, battle tanks, and firehawks, the Commander destroys Nod's major supply base, hampering Nod's ability to send reinforcements. Finally, the Commander goes to Sarajevo. In anticipation, Kane deploys several Ion Dissipaters (they block the Ion Cannon from targeting the location), preventing the use of the Ion Cannon. After the Commander destroys all 3 generators, GDI forces surround the temple, forcing Kane and his followers to hide in a underground bunker. Against Granger's protests, Boyle orders the Commander to fire the Ion Cannon. The Temple is destroyed with Kane and his followers presumed dead, but the blast ignites the liquid Tiberium stored underneath the Temple, causing a chain reaction that covers much of Eastern Europe in radiation. Millions of innocent civilians die as a result of the lethal Tiberium fallout.

Act IV
After the destruction of Temple Prime in Sarajevo, several Scrin vessels approach Earth. Without consulting Granger, Boyle activates the Ion Cannon and begins firing on the Scrin ships. The ships split into smaller ones and begin to make landfall. The Scrin ravage blue zones all over the globe, with the majority of them landing in Germany. The Commander is sent to Germany to escort invaluable civilian scientists out of Scrin-occupied city of Munich. While here, GDI learn that their sonic disruptor's, used to reclaim land from tiberium and to control/regulate its spread, are proving to be very effective against the Scrin. After the invasion, much of the GDI forces in Germany are scattered. The Commander manages to rally the scattered and defeated GDI units and leads a vicious counterattack in Cologne (along with a commando and his squad) forcing the Scrin out of Germany and ultimately destroy them in Switzerland.

Act V
After destroying the Scrin bases in Stuttgart and several other European cities, the GDI embarks to destroy some mysterious towers made of Tiberium composites that the Scrin have been building all over the globe. All but one have been destroyed in the process due to the actions of the Nod Commander in Central Italy. Being told that there's nothing that the Commander can do in Italy, the Commander is sent on a mission to destroy one such tower in Rome, which is the one closest to completion. After the destruction of the first tower using the Ion Cannon, GDI forces around the world raze all but one of the towers to the ground, as it is heavily defended by both Nod and Scrin forces. The Commander is then sent to "Ground Zero," where the Tiberium was first discovered, to destroy the central command node of the Scrin, as well as the Nod forces operating there. It is at this point where the Commander can choose one of two possible endings. At one point in the mission, the Commander is contacted by both Boyle and Granger. Boyle gives the Commander a liquid tiberium missile and orders him to use it to ensure a quick and easy victory. Granger argues that GDI should never use Tiberium-based weaponry, since their goal is to destroy Tiberium once and for all. After the command node is destroyed, all Scrin forces stop functioning, eliminating the Scrin threat. If the Commander uses the liquid tiberium missile during the mission, the blast causes a massive chain reaction, killing over 25 million civilians around the Mediterranean. Granger is furious and disgusted at the use of the weapon and resigns, allowing a victorious Boyle to promote the Commander to General. If the Commander does not use the missile, GDI forces manage to destroy the node with minimal collateral damage. Granger congratulates the Commander and explains that Boyle was forced to resign as Director for fear of being tried for war crimes, namely the authorization to use liquid tiberium as a weapon. In either ending, Granger assures the Commander that the final Scrin tower is now harmless as the GDI tries to recover from the Third Tiberium War.

Brotherhood of Nod Plot Line

There's a brief telling exposed by charismatic and strong General Kilian Qatar. Kane reappears quoting Lazurus and Ajay is introduced as the new Intelligence officer replacing CABAL and his cyborgs from the previous Tiberium War. At the beginning of the game, the Nod Commander is ordered by Kane to attack Goddard Space Center, the control center for GDI's entire missile defense network, in order to spearhead the beginning of the Third Tiberium War. The Nod Commander manages to infiltrate the facility and destroy it, leaving the Philadelphia vulnerable. Once the mission is completed, Kane gives the Nod Commander the opportunity to personally launch the nuclear missile aimed directly at the Philadelphia and earn his name in history in the blood of GDI.

Act I
Once the Philadelphia is destroyed, the Nod Commander is dispatched to take the White House and nearby air force bases in the Washington Blue Zone, as well as the port at Hampton Roads to enable landing of additional reinforcements. With their air power "castrated", Nod banners flying from the Oval Office, and fresh Nod reinforcements arriving, it isn't long until the GDI forces are surrounded and annihilated. When the Nod Commander finishes and is transferred out of the area, the GDI Commander retakes these areas.

Act II
The GDI Commander's operations in Egypt have destroyed Nod's nuclear capabilities and also a secret lab where Kane was developing a liquid tiberium device. The Nod Commander goes to the Amazon where a backup lab has finished the device. He defeats a GDI attempt to destroy the lab and destroys the attacking forces. The Nod Commander then successfully smuggles the device out of South America by seizing airfields and destroying a cordon of GDI artillery defenses.

The air transport carrying the liquid tiberium device is shot down by GDI forces near the Nod Temple in Sarajevo, but the device survives intact. Unfortunately, the weapon is now in the hands of GDI and is under heavy guard. The Nod commander manages to retrieve the device and escorts the it to the Temple Prime in Sarajevo which is besieged by GDI forces. Kane orders the Nod Commander to protect the Temple long enough for him to assemble the weapon. The Nod Commander holds the line and breaks the siege long enough for the device to be completed. After the Nod commander destroys the GDI they are attacked by traitor Nod forces which Ajay assumes have been sent by Killian. Kane sets up the device while the Nod Commander is then transferred to aid Killian's Nod forces in Australia.

Act IV
After the Nod Commander's arrival in Australia, Killian informs the Brotherhood that the Temple in Sarajevo was destroyed by a GDI ion cannon attack with enormous casualties, and that Kane is presumed dead. Killian sets up her HQ at Uluru in the Australian Outback as Kane's successor. Her first mission has the Nod Commander capture a GDI convoy carrying the GDI nuclear arsenal in Australia, restoring Nod's nuclear capability which had earlier been destroyed by the GDI Commander. The Scrin make planetfall during the convoy attack and begin attacking everyone. Killian forms a temporary ceasefire and alliance with GDI, much to Ajay's protest. The Nod Commander destroys critical Scrin structures while the Scrin attack GDI forces in Sydney, and takes the opportunity to steal GDI nuclear launch codes for the warheads Nod has captured. The GDI forces look to repel the Scrin but a new directive from a secret source sends the Nod Commander to destroy the local ion cannon control station. Without the protection of the ion cannons, the GDI forces are forced to fall back and abandon Sydney. During the evacuation, Killian tells the Nod Commander to aid the GDI civilian evacuation, but then Kane returns and denounces Killian as a traitor. The Nod forces turn on GDI with a nuclear strike and GDI forces in Sydney are wiped out. The Nod Commander, Kane loyalist, then proceeds to seize Killian's HQ at Uluru, defeating a GDI attempt to capitalize on the Nod infighting. Kane then "deals" with Killian, and reveals that he had wanted GDI to use the ion cannon on the Sarajevo Temple as it was the only weapon powerful enough to trigger his liquid tiberium explosive. Kane reveals he had known the Scrin would be attracted by a sufficiently powerful liquid tiberium explosion and that the purpose of the device was not to be used against GDI but to create such a blast to attract the Scrin to Earth.

Act V
Kane sends the Nod Commander to the Italy Red Zone to protect a lab against the Scrin. The lab is working on the catalyst missile which was developed in anticipation of having to deal with the Scrin. The Nod Commander then causes chaos between fighting Scrin and GDI forces, and slows the GDI's counterattack against the Scrin long enough for Nod forces to seize a Scrin base and gain access codes to one of the towers the Scrin are attempting to build around the world. GDI forces are more successful elsewhere around the world, inspired by the example of the GDI Commander, and are destroying the Scrin towers before they can be completed and become impervious to attack. The Nod Commander goes to one of the few remaining towers that is closest to completion in central Italy, defeats the GDI assault on the tower, and takes the completed Scrin tower for the Brotherhood's Ascension to the stars.

Scrin Campaign
The Scrin campaign is available after both GDI, and Brotherhood of Nod campaigns are completed. The mission starts with the Scrin AI and an off-planet Scrin Supervisor informing you that Ichor (Tiberium) is ready for harvesting, and that 97% of indigneous population has been killed by Ichor infestation. They quickly realize that it was a mistake and that they were tricked into landing by Kane when the liquid tiberium bomb exploded. You, the commander (foreman) are sent to London in an attempt to distract GDI forces from Threshold construction (mass tiberium harvesting towers). As the battle ends, you are told by the Mission AI that indigenous population is a lot stronger and resisting invasion, the AI suggests moving all forces to defend threshold towers, however at this point the Scrin Supervisor interrupts and orders you to keep distracting the indigenous population. The AI obeys and orders the foreman to attack Munich. Next, after it is obvious Scrin forces have prematurely arrived on Earth, you are ordered to capture two research labs that belong to Nod. You learn from the Nod archives, that Kane had planned the detonation of the liquid tiberium bomb in order to provoke an alien invasion, he learned this from the Tacitus. The Scrin Overlord requires the foreman to learn more of Kane and the indigenous population, however at this point the AI cuts you off from the general and orders you to protect the last Threshold tower after it becomes evident that the Scrin are losing the war and all of the towers are being destroyed in the red zones. You are told to defend the tower, Threshold 19 for a certain amount of time at which point it will become impervious to all attack. The Mothership is guided to the tower and then Scrin uses the tower to leave Earth. The final cutscene shows the Scrin Supervisor is annoyed by the unsuccessfulness of the mass Ichor harvesting mission and says the Overlord demands a full scale invasion. The final words are "Earth will fall." These words obviously suggest a future expansion pack or sequel.

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