Casemodding at Gamescom 2009

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Here are three case mod photos courtesy of Koelnmesse.

This Spongebob custom case from Alex Kaufmann scored third place in the category "most spectacular creation".

Next is a mod of an old TV:

And this photo is the Cosmos Dragon from Stefan Blass, this case was the third-best creation in the CaseMod category.

The following five photos are all courtesy of the Deutsche CaseMod Meisterschaft. A list of all winning creations can be seen at DCMM.

The winner in the CaseMod category: Destiny by Michael Mürmann.

CaseCon winner: Orange V1.0 by Christian Engel.

The CE-Mod winner is GorgTech E.T.H.A by Georg Rotaru.

ChaosModder grabs the first place in the 24h live Team-Modding competition, this case was created by Matthias Streser and Thomas Kleffmann.

And Florian Speet scored the most spectacular creation award with his Gothpiration case.

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