Howto : Applying an appliqué

Today we'll have a quick howto on applying an appliqué. Appliqués are a very simple mod, and they look pretty, but not as much as a laser-etched window of course. Another nice usage for it is on one of your case panels...

Installation of an appliqué :
  • Clean the surface with a non-abrasive cleaner. Soap and water should be fine ;)
    Dry the surface and make sure that there is no soap left on it. Optional you can spray a fine mist of water on the surface. This will allow you to reposition the graphic a bit if needed.

    Removing the backing Removed a bit more :p
    First remove the backing of the appliqué.

    Placed the appliqué on the back of the window
    Now place the appliqué on the back of a casewindow, or on one of your casepanels.

    Removing the backing Woohoo almost ready
    Slowly remove the transfer backing. After this the appliqué should be on your window. If this is not the case while removing it, gently try to 'push' the appliqué against your window, by using a credit card on the transfer backing.


    Holy shit what's that ! It's mister Bubble :P
    Holy shit what's that ! It's mister Bubble :P You can try to remove them with an object like a credit card.

    There he goes
    There he goes. If this doesn't work then just let it so for a few days, normally it will shrink a little. You can also try poking them, but this is not recommended because mostly it will look quite ugly..

    Easy wasn't it?

    Here's a pic of the case with the appliqué:

    My old case


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