Cheap 'Teflon tapes'

For tonight we have a very cheap, but effective howto.

Most users of optical mice will know this feeling, you have a hard mousepad and after some time your mouse feet start to wear off. This results in worse gliding and more noise. Any solutions for this? Yeah, Mouse Skatez or Teflon tapes. But why spend $3 on those if you could easily make them yourself??

this is all we need

Yup this is all we need. Some tape, scissors and ofcourse a mouse :-)

cut off a small piece

First cut some small tapes like on the photo and stick them on your mousefeets.

Before After

And this is the result. But in my case the black tape didn't provided the gliding effect I wanted, I only used it to make it a little stronger.

Some clear tape over it

So I cut five small pieces of the clear tape, which provided a better gliding, and added a second layer of tape to the feet.

This was simple, wasn't it? If you want to keep the improved gliding effect then you'll need to change the tape every 2-3 weeks. Enjoy the gliding!!


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