Howto : Making cheap ghetto UV reactive fans

Everybody that overclocks his PC will love case fans (except the watercoolers of course)! Especially those nice plain black case fans! We love them, don't we? No? Well then, now we're going to paint them and make them UV reactive!
We're going to do it in a simple and cheap way
ONLY do this at your own risk, if something goes wrong => we're not responsable

What do you need?
- A fan
- UV reactive paint. You don't really need to buy it, maybe you already have it at home without knowing it! I've used a blue Party Hairspray and it amazed me how UV reactive it was :-) (Also some kinds of nail polishers and highlighters can be used)
- A newspaper to protect your table
- Some tape to protect the center of the fan
Well that's almost all we need for this simple mod.

This is what we need, a normal black case fan. First remove the round adhesive paper. Don't throw it away, you'll need to stick it back after the painting.

Now after that remove the round plastic or rubber piece in the middle of the fan.

Now you'll see a white plastic circle. Carefuly try to remove it with 2 thin metal sticks or with a tweezer. Make sure you don't lose the white round plastic!

Remove the blades and stick some tape in the hole on the backside of them to protect it.

Now we're going to paint it. I've used a blue party hairspray from my sister, most of these will stay on the fan for a long time if they don't come in contact with water (normally this isn't the case in a pc case so this isn't really a problem). It worked and was UV reactive! Put a newspaper under it to protect the surface where the fan blades lay on. Or do it outside, cause it can smell a little :P

Let it dry for a few minutes and you should have something like this

Now remove the tape and put the blades back in the fan, put the white and black round back on it and stick the sticker back on the fan :)

And this is the result :D Yet another cheap ghetto mod.

Update : Here are 2 new pics of the fan in my drive bay fan hole with a Round UV Cold Cathode on it. And also I would like to point out that there are better ways to do this (with primer and real UV reactive paint), I just did it in the cheapest possible way for myself. If you want to use this for more than a couple of hours I recommend using permanent UV paint because otherwise the paint will come off and make everything in your case UV-reactive...


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