Revoltec FightMouse Advanced review

Closer look at the FightMouse Advanced
On this page I'm going to take a closer look at the mouse

On the left side are two buttons. They are used to go back/forward in your browser but you can also give them another function in the FightMouse Advanced's software.

Here's the Revoltec logo. As you can see the top surface is pretty reflective.

Here we have the scroll wheel and the DPI selection button. After pressing the DPI button once you can change the DPI setting by using the scroll wheel. At the lowest DPI setting the LED is off, then it switches from red to pink to blue. Instead of using pink, it would be better if Revoltec had used orange or another color as most people I know associate pink with girly stuff. The scroll wheel can only be used for vertical scrolling, it's not one of those newer scroll wheels which also feature horizontal scrolling.

The bottom of the FightMouse Advanced is greyish and features three big light-grey colored teflon feet.

And here's the 2000DPI laser-based optical sensor. The whole bottom looks kinda ugly IMO, I would have used a more darker colour as the grey colour looks kinda cheap. However, it's possible that they decided to go for this colour to maximize the light output of the blue LEDs, the mouse features about nine bright blue LEDs.

The piece of plastic under the left and right click buttons can be removed. In this area you can mount one of the 10g, 15g or 20g weights. This is pretty easy and only takes half a minute.

Added: April 10th 2007
Product reviewed: Revoltec FightMouse Advanced
Reviewer: Thomas De Maesschalck
Score: 8/10
Page: 2/3

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