Revoltec FightMouse Advanced review

The software for the FightMouse can be found on the included CD ROM. When I was outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather and typing this review on my notebook I noticed the software can't be found on Revoltec's website. It would be a good idea to make the software available on their website too.

The installation of the software was easy, here's a look at what it has to offer.

The first screenshot shows the button configuration screen. You can define the function of the scroll wheel button and the two side buttons. The software features lots of predefined functions that can be assigned to the buttons, this includes minimize/maximize a window, start menu, close window, control+v, control+c, open internet explorer, etc.

You can also configure how many lines the scroll wheel should scroll (from 1 to 30 lines), disable the special button function, show the FightMouse icon in the system tray. There's also a function to enable the keep shooting option, when you enable this you can activate this feature for the left or right click button when you right click on the Revoltec logo in your system tray.

The other tab in your mouse configuration screen allows you to finetune the DPI settings for each DPI level.

During my tests the FightMouse from Revoltec performed well, it's not the best mouse I've ever used but it's not bad considering that this is one of the first gaming mice from Revoltec. One of the things I didn't really like is the position of the side buttons. The first button is easy to reach with my thumb but to push the second button I slightly need to move my hand upwards.

The other aspects of the mouse worked well. The software is easy to use, the DPI selector works well and it's easy to open the mouse to add one of the three included weights. The carbon-like design of the FightMouse looks good and the blue illumination is pretty cool.

The price of the FightMouse varies from store to store. In the U.S. it's available for $31.99 at NewEgg. In Europe it can be found for as low as 29.57EUR at German webshops.

Performance: 80%
Ergonomy: 75%
Software: 85%
Functionality: 75%
Design: 85%
Overall score = 80%

The Good Stuff:
- Cool design
- DPI setting can be changed on the fly
- Cool blue light effect
- Software works well
- Ships with a nice transport bag

The Bad Stuff:
- Position of the side buttons
- The bottom looks kinda cheap

Added: April 10th 2007
Product reviewed: Revoltec FightMouse Advanced
Reviewer: Thomas De Maesschalck
Score: 8/10
Page: 3/3

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