Revoltec FightBoard Advanced keyboard review

Now let's take a look at the features of the FightBoard Advanced. Be aware that I took a look at an AZERTY keyboard because that's the type of keyboard layout I'm used to. The FightBoard is also available in QWERTY.

10 programmable keys
Each side of the keyboard has five programmable keys. With the included software users can program the function of each of these ten macro keys, there's also a 2nd assignment key so you can assign up to two functions to each of these keys.

Interexchangeable keys
The second special feature are the exchangeable keys. Revoltec included seven special grey-colored keys and a special tool which allows you to easily remove keys from the keyboard.

I also uploaded a short video to YouTube to show you how the key removal tool works - it's actually quite simple to use.

11 multimedia hotkeys
On top of the keyboard are 11 hotkeys for multimedia and Windows shortcuts. On the left we have two buttons to increase and decrease the audio volume.

In the middle are seven keys. From left to right: Home button, e-mail button, previous button, Windows key deactivation, next button, search button and stop button. The home key is used to launch the web browser to the preset homepage, the e-mail button starts the default e-mail client, the previous and next buttons are used in media players, the search button launches the browser with the preset search engine and the stop button is used to stop loading the current webpage.

This keyboard is designed for gaming so it lacks some of the typical multimedia control buttons like "play" and "pause". The most special button is the Windows key deactivation. This button is specifically designed for gamers, it prevents that you jump out of your gaming action by accidentally pressing the Windows button on your keyboard.

And on the right you can spot two more buttons, the first one is used to toggle the sound on/off and the second button is used to activate the 2nd assignment of the 10 macro keys.

The back of the keyboard is black. There's nothing really exciting to see here, except maybe the two plastic standoffs to improve the ergonomics a bit and a couple of rubber pieces to prevent slipping.

Added: April 19th 2007
Product reviewed: Revoltec FightBoard Advanced keyboard
Reviewer: Thomas De Maesschalck
Score: 8/10
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