Lamps Electronics Cold Cathodes review

The first thing that I noticed when I plugged these in a Molex was that they are very bright! I would say that they’re almost twice as bright as those that I’ve received from Sunbeam! After that I mounted one of them in my case. The Velcro for the inverter is fine, but the ties and clamps for the CCFLs aren’t so good I think. Mounting them with Velcro (just like the kits from Sunbeam) would be a better idea than the zip ties and clamps which are harder to remove.

the cathodes
Here they are!

Lights on!
Lights on

Some UV reactive stuff
Hehe (just a little bit eye candy by the way) the plastic boxes of the cathodes, the green acrylic housing and even the blue cathode were UV reactive

I let them all burn for almost an hour and when I came back I noticed that the lamps felt quite hot, the inverters only a little. Compared to Sunbeams CCFLs these run much hotter, but hey they’re almost twice as bright so I think you’ll have to choose between brightness and heat.

+ The Pro’s:
Very bright
Excellent build quality
Plastic boxed inverter
Inverter has male and female Molex connector
Inverter has room for 2 lamps
Red looks red an not pinkish or orange

- The bad stuff:
The mounting system for the CCFLs
Sound sensitivity dial is hard to reach
Lamps become quite hot

I was very impressed with the brightness of the lamps and they get a 9/10!

Added: December 25th 2002
Product reviewed: Lamps Electronics Cold Cathodes
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10
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