OCZ Vendetta HSF review

And here's the fan, a 92mm unit with an OCZ sticker on it. The specifications indicate it has an airflow of 39 to 54.6CFM but they also learn us the fan has a noise level of 22 to 34 dbA which is fairly high. This fan features a 4-pin connector which allows your motherboard to control the fan speed.

The fins of the Vendetta are made out of aluminum. The cooler looks big in the photos but with a size of 97mm x 79mm x 134mm it's a lot smaller than high-end coolers like the Ultra-120 eXtreme from ThermalRight which measures 132mm x 63.44mm x 160.5mm. Obviously, the Vendetta also weighs a lot less because it uses far less metal but it will be interesting to see how bad this affects it heat dissipation capabilities.

In the next photo you can see the heatsink's V-shape which adds more surface area without compromising the compact design. Another special feature of the heatsink which may improve the cooling efficiency is the dimpled design of all aluminum fins. You can clearly see all the dimples on the top - it gives the cooler a somewhat industrial look. Another thing you'll notice on the top is the large OCZ logo.

OCZ used one of Xigmatek's innovations in the Vendetta: heatpipes which make direct contact with the base of your processor so the heat can be rapidly dissipated. As you can see on the photos the Vendetta features three large U-shaped copper heatpipes.

The base of the heatsink isn't perfectly flat, there are some small gaps between the aluminum and the copper heatpipes. In the next photo you can also see that the base barely reflected the coin, some extra lapping may improve the performance of this cooler a bit.

The installation of the fan won't take long as the Vendetta features a very easy way to mount the fan onto the heatsink. First you push the four rubber connectors through the fan screw holes and then you just have to slide the connectors over one of the heatsink's fins. It's really quick and the rubber connectors also damp vibrations.

And here's another shot of the Vendetta. Only one fan can be attached to the cooler, it's not possible to mount a second one without making modifications to the heatsink.

To give you a better impression of the size of the Vendetta I put it next to the big Noctua NH-U12F HSF.

Added: October 7th 2007
Product reviewed: OCZ Vendetta HSF
Reviewer: Thomas De Maesschalck
Score: 8/10
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