OhMiBod Boditalk Escort review

Two weeks ago I had some fun with the OhMiBod which was my first review ever for DV Hardware. Today I'm back with a review of another exciting tech product for adults from OhMiBod - the OhMiBod Boditalkescort. While the original OhMiBod vibrates to the rhythm of your music this new toy is activated by cell phone signals.

OhMiBod offers two different versions of the Boditalk, there's a Boditalk vibrator and there's also the Boditalk Escort which is a vibrating egg. This is a toy I've been wanting for a while so I was pretty excited to test it!
Boditalk escort is the perfect vibe to keep hidden in those secret places and will turn any call into an orgasmic surprise. Its discreet design makes it the perfect companion for passion on the go. Also converts to manual multi-speed vibe...2 products in 1!
The Boditalkescort ships in a simple cardboard box with a girlish design.

Inside the box is the egg, the controller and a velvet pouch.

The egg is pretty small and is made out of pink semi-translucent plastic. The front of the controller has two buttons: one to start vibrating and one to stop. The controller also features a switch to turn the device off, use it as a regular vibrator egg and of course a mode to activate the phone module.

The Boditalk escort uses two AAA batteries, unfortunately these aren't included.

Testing the Boditalkescort
The idea of using a toy like this one in public always seemed pretty exciting to me and the Boditalkescort allowed me to fulfill this fantasy. After unpacking and searching a couple of AAA-batteries I quickly tried out some of this toy's features.

The device has three different modes: to turn it off you switch it to "O", to activate the cell phone mode you switch it to "C" and to use the manual mode you move the switch to "P".

Inserting the Boditalk bullet vibrator is pretty easy, it's just like a tampon. After gently inserting the egg and activating the cell phone mode I went shopping. In the cell phone mode the Boditalk Escort will begin a set vibration pattern that will last for as long as it picks up cell phone signals. According to the specifications it works as long as the cell phone is within 3 meters of the controller.

Going out with the Boditalk Escort in the cell phone mode is pretty exciting as you never know when the egg will start vibrating! When it's not vibrating you can't really feel it but unfortunately I got kinda annoyed by the big controller and the wire. You can clip the Boditalk Escort controller to your pants but I believe that other people may be able to spot this if you're wearing tight clothes.

I also used this toy at home but it's not as fun as a real vibrator like the OhMiBod. To use it in the manual mode you have to slide the switch to the "P" position. In this mode, you can activate the toy by pressing the large silver button, this button also allows you to choose between seven different vibration patterns. The small silver button can be used to stop the device.

The Boditalk Escort toy is very exciting to use when you're going out. In the cell phone mode you never know when or where the toy will start vibrating and that's definitely one of the big advantages of this product. Unfortunately it also has some disadvantages like the large size of the controller which makes it hard to stuff it away and I was also a bit concerned by safety as I noticed that some fluids had entered the bullet after using and cleaning it a couple of times.

The Boditalkescort is priced at $59, that's quite a bit more than normal egg vibrators which you can usually get for about $10-$20.

The Good Stuff
- Easy to insert
- The cell phone mode is very exciting to use
- Seven different vibration patterns

The Bad Stuff
- Fluids can enter the toy
- The controller is quite big which makes it hard to hide
- Some of the vibration patterns are quite noisy, you don't want to take this thing with you to quiet places like a library

I rate the OhMiBod Boditalk Escort 6/10.


Added: December 10th 2007
Product reviewed: OhMiBod Boditalk Escort
Reviewer: DV Hardware
Score: 6/10

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