Sennheiser EH-150 headphones review

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Sennheiser is known as one of the top makers of headphones. The company consistently produces high-quality headphones that often exceed other, higher-priced headphones in the same category. One such pair of headphones is the EH-150 closed-cup over-ear headphones. These headphones are officially priced at $69.95, but can be bought new for $25 including shipping off

  • Freq Response: 18Hz - 18KHz
  • 32 Ohm Impedance
  • 115dB
  • Dynamic, closed transducer
  • Supra-aural ear coupling
  • Features
  • Hi-Fi Stereo
  • Closed-cup
  • Detachable ear-cups
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Powerful bass
  • Lightweight
  • 10-foot Copper cord
  • There are two things you will realize after putting on the Sennheiser EH-150 headphones--that they are uncomfortable and sound amazing.

    Luckily, the discomfort that comes from wearing these headphones disappears after a few hours of use. The headband is originally tight, making it feel as if your head is trapped between two tight clamps. However, this tightness is actually a good thing, as the plastic headband will adjust itself to fit your head perfectly--not too tight, but not too loose. Once this happens, the headphones can be worn for hours without even realizing they are there.

    The EH-150 are made entirely of plastic, with a thick piece of leatherette and cushion underneath the headband and around the ear cups. The cushion is thick and durable, while the plastic is strong. I've stretched these things a great deal without breaking. They managed to survive a backpacking trip while stuffed in an overfilled bag and the cargo in an airplane. If anything, they are durable.

    Aside from the physical aspects of the headphones, there's sound quality. The sound quality from these headphones is very good--in fact, they sound better than other headphones I've paid twice the amount for.

    The treble is clear and loud, but on the flip side, the bass is very strong in these cans. You can hear the bass rumble on the low end, or feel it beat and thump as if you were sitting between subwoofers. There's no muddiness of sound. Everything is clear and distant and easy to hear.

    When listening to music on these headphones, it is worth listening to high-quality FLAC music. You will be able to hear mistakes in songs and any ambient noise that doesn't below, making them a good choice for home recording, also.

    These headphones are high-quality at a low price. They are lightweight and durable, easy to pack in a bag or carry around the neck. If you need a pair of low-cost headphones that sound good and hold up to daily use, the Sennheiser EH-150 is a good choice.

  • Cheap
  • Very good sound
  • Lightweight
  • Block most external sounds

  • Uncomfortable the first few uses
  • Some individuals don't require a long cord

    I give the Sennheiser EH-150 headphones a 7/10.


    Added: February 11th 2009
    Product reviewed: Sennheiser EH-150 headphones
    Reviewer: Blair Mathis
    Score: 7/10

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    Comment #1 posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-08 17:39:44
    How does the EH 150 compare with the HD 202?
    Both look similar and cost almost same!

    Comment #2 posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-17 19:30:34

    Comment #3 posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-08 22:10:52
    Sennheiser positions these as "on the go" headsets, which is certainly appropriate (even though you'll like them sitting on your couch just as much). They are surprisingly lightweight, comfortable, and shield the ears very well. Great for airplane travel, etc. Sound quality is quite asthonishing: the EH150s bring out full bass and depth from a little source like an iPod. Amazing. And they retail at around $40. That's a value proposition that can hardly be beat. (9 Score because a 10 Score would be a $500 set)

    Comment #4 posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-22 16:15:10
    I was with doubts between the HD201 and these EH150.
    The review from 2006 gave 9/10 to HD201. Are they a better choice than EH150?
    Use: pc games and sony walkman
    Thank you.

    Comment #5 posted by Thomas De Maesschalck on 2009-12-05 17:22:06
    No, the cables can't be detached.

    Comment #6 posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-05 12:11:56
    Can you remove the cable from the headphones?