Sunbeam UV Cold Cathode Fans review

The front The back
The front with UV The back with UV

Case pic Another case pic with the fan running Pic from the rear
A few pictures with the fan in my case

In daylight

And in dark
And few pics with my window, it's even bright in daylight!


A red CCFL Fan against a red LED Fan. What's the brightest?

Sunbeam again brought out a new and innovative product! It's much brighter than LED Fans, capable of lightening up your whole case! The fan is very quiet, I could barely hear it and it still provides a very good airflow!

Pro's :
- Brighter than LED Fans
- It's a quiet fan
- Different colors (green , blue , red , and UV)
- Three different types ( rocket switch , pci mount bracket or sound module)
- Boxed inverter

The bad thing's :
- The round cold cathode is a little bit longer than the fan so this could give you some mounting problems
- Adds more wire mess than normal and LED fans
- More expensive than most LED Fans

Extension Cable
Extension cable

Because a few users complaint about the wire lenght of the cold cathodes Sunbeam introduced an extension cable for the cold cathodes. It's 30cm long.

Sunbeams UV Cold Cathode Fan receives a 9/10 from DV Hardware!

Added: January 30th 2003
Product reviewed: Sunbeam UV Cold Cathode Fans
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10
Page: 2/2

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