Sunbeam UV Cold Cathode Fans review

Today we'll be reviewing one of Sunbeam's latest products. Imagine that you're a manufacturer of Cold Cathode lamps (and a few other products) and you're searching to develop a new product, you see a few LED Fans lying around and then you get the brilliant idea to create a Round CCFL tube to fit on fans! Something like this probably happened at Sunbeam ;) They've released a Blue, Red, Green, Tricolor, and a UV Round Cold Cathode. The UV CCFL Fan has a few different versions: One that comes with an orange UV reactive fan, one with a green fan, and another one with a nice blue UV reactive fan!
Today we'll be having a closer look on the Round UV Cold Cathode + Orange UV Reactive Fan.

UV CCFL fans
CCFL Fans and UV CCFL Fans

First here's a quick look on the specs of the lamps and fans :
Dual inverter for two lamps
High brightness
High reliability
Long lifetime
Low power consumption
Specification for the Round CCFL:
Diameter of Round cold cathode: 8cm
Input voltage: 12V
Output voltage: 620V
Power compsumption: 2.4watts
Current draw: 0.005A
Brightness: 28,000 cd/m2
Specification of the Fan :
Bearing Type: Sleeve bearing
Fan Dimension: 80*80*25mm
Rated Voltage: 10.2~13.8VDC
Current Draw: 0.13A
Power consumption: 1.56WATTS
Air Flow: 31.73CFM
Rotation Speed: 2700RPM
Noise Level: 28dB(A)
The package The backside of the package
The package

There are 3 different versions of Sunbeams CCFL Fan, but the only real difference lies in the way you turn the CCFL on and out. The first I got was one with a PCI bracket, on the backside of that is a switch to turn the Round CCFL on or out. The other version I received was one that gets his power through a sound module. The sound module Sunbeam used for this is just the same as the one they use for their normal Cold cathode bulbs, more about it can be found in our review of Sunbeams CCFLs. Besides those they also have one with a rocket switch, that could be mounted in one of your empty drive bays.

The sound module The PCI bracket
On the left the Sound Module and on the right you have the PCI mounting bracket

Mounting stuff

A Velcro to mount the inverter in your case, 4 fan screws and one screw for the PCI bracket

Now let's take a closer look at these orange UV reactive fans which are made from clear orange-colored plastic with round cold cathodes on them. As you can see on the pics the round cathode is mounted with nuts and bolts, a little bit like a fan grill. The fan is powered through a 3 pin or 4 pin connector (but unfortunately no RPM readout). But hey wasn't this a fan with something else on it, ermz a Cold Cathode thingie right? Yes, it is, and like you may all know a CCFL requires an inverter. So this adds a little bit more wire mess than a normal fan, unfortunately.

Front The back of the fan
Front and backside of the fan
The inverter The inverter
The inverter, notice the airholes on top of it and his ability to power up 2 Cold Cathodes

One of the things that I noticed when I plugged this fan in on my test PSU was that I could barely hear it! And more important it actually gave a good airflow, comparable or even better than most 80mm fans out there.
The other things I noticed were that these round cold cathodes are lots and lots better to make a UV reactive fan glow than a normal cold cathode because it lies on top of it and not just somewhere else mounted in your case, so it gets almost the maximum amount of UV light on it. When you're only running the cathode and not the fan you'll notice that the Cold Cathode becomes hot, from 35°C to even 45°C, not really Cold Cathode eh?. But this isn't such a big problem because when I let the fan running the temperatures of the Cold Cathode lowered to 25°C, just a few degrees more than the room temperature.

One of the only big problems that I could find was that these round cold cathodes are a few millimeters bigger than 80mm fans. This can give you some mounting problems: The first problem is that you can't mount 2 CCFL fans directly beside each other, and the second problem is that it does not fit in the fan holders that you'll find in Chemning , Antec , ThermalTake , Chieftec,... cases!

Bulb size

Doesn't fit in Chieftec fan holders

The Cold Cathode is a little bit bigger than the fan

Now I'm going to test how good it cools, I mounted the fan as exhaust fan on the rear of my case with a room temperature of about 19°C.
Time Case temperatures Mobo temperatures
Without fan 24.4°C 30°C
After 2 minutes 23.3°C 28°C
After 5 minutes 22.5°C 27°C
After 10 minutes 21.6°C 25°C

Now let's move on to the eye candy ;)

Added: January 30th 2003
Product reviewed: Sunbeam UV Cold Cathode Fans
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10
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