Enermax Aeolus Premium CP003 review

Flipping over the CP003 reveals the massive 250mm fan.

The fan has a round frame with 15 integrated blue LEDs, it's made from translucent plastic and there's a plastic grill to protect the fan blades. Unfortunately, the fan is the weakest point of the CP003. The plastic doesn't feel very solid and it's too flexible, when you press against the grill you can hear the fan blades touching the mesh. For instance, if you let the cooling pad rest on your knee the fan will stop spinning because its middle point will be pressed against the steel mesh! The fan construction is a poor design choice, Enermax should use more sturdy plastic or a metal construction to prevent this from happening.

The bottom features four rubber feet to prevent the aluminum frame from making scratches on your desk.

Additionally, Enermax includes four extra rubber pads in the box. These can be attached to the front side to prevent your laptop from sliding off.

The USB cable is tucked away above the fan.

It has a black color and is 500mm long.

The fan controller knob lets you activate the fan and adjust its speed, according to the specifications the 250mm fan has a maximum speed of 850RPM. The little button next to the fan controller lets you switch the 15 blue LEDs on/off and a USB cable is to be inserted into one of the two USB 2.0 ports.

The laptop cooler features an ergonomic angle and offers a full-size wrist rest.

The fan doesn't have to be activated before you can enjoy the blue LEDs. They provide a blue glow but unfortunately, this fan lacks the cool swirl effect that most LED fans have. Then again, the LEDs don't really add a lot of value because you can barely see the blue glow when you're laptop is placed on the cooler.

Added: February 27th 2011
Product reviewed: Enermax Aeolus Premium CP003
Reviewer: Thomas De Maesschalck
Score: 7.5/10
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