Coolermaster Neon Led Fan TLF-R82 review

Cooler Master
Cooler Master was founded with the mission of providing the industry's best thermal solutions. Since its establishment a decade ago, the company has remained faithful to this mission, emerging as a world leader in products and services for companies dealing with devices where heat issues must be resolved.

Neon Led Fan specifications

Fan Specifications

Size 80x80x25 mm
Rated Voltage 12V
Bearing Type Rifle Bearing ( patended )
Input Current 0.15A
Rotation Speed 32.11 CFM
Acoustical Noise 25 dB(A)
Input Power 1.80W
Life Expectance 50,000 hrs. Continuous at 25°C , 45~95% relative humidity

  • 4 blue neon LEDs for maximum glowing effect
  • 3pin connector for mainboard speed detection
  • NO additional wires required
  • Best choice for showcase
  • New Rifle bearing - The More Silent Solution

    Rifle bearing?
    Rifle bearing fan types offers a number of advantages against ball bearings and sleeve bearings fans.
    Rifle Bearing and Ball Bearing both have a life expectance of about 50,000 hours. Sleeve bearing has a life expectance of over 20-30,000 hours.
    Most people will know that Ball Bearing is noisier than Sleeve Bearing, Rifle Bearings offers the life span of ball bearings and the silent operation of Sleeve bearings. So rifle bearing provides the best noise and the best life span. It's the best from both worlds

    The CoolerMaster Neon Led Fan
    The Neon LED Fan has four bright blue LEDs in each corner of the fan. This gives a very nice effect when you turn the fan on. Sound? No, You almost can't hear the fan, so this is a very good thing about it if you want a silent system. The noise/speed ratio is very good, 32.11 CFM @ only 25dB. Almost no wires are required, so no wire mess in your case. If you turn off the fan, you can see a transparent fan. These kind of fans are great because with colored and black fans you can just see the fan but not the thing that's behind it, like your shiny mobo if you put it in your side window.
    It's also rather hard to screw the screws into the fan. But if you do it with enough power, it should be no problem.

    Why do you use u fan?
    You all read the review, but maybe some off you are wondering : why do we need a fan? Well, a fan provides some airflow in your pc so it runs a little bit cooler, so in most cases you can do some more overclocking ;) . Some people use it just for the looks, and it's true, a LED fan makes your case look a lot better. Everyone loves some shiny blue light coming from his case don't we?

    The Neon Led Fan from CoolerMaster looks awesome. Four bright blue LEDs make sure you have the maximum shiny blue glowing effect. Another good thing is that you almost can't hear the fan, so with its 32.11CFM and only 25dBa it's one of the best noise vs speed 80mm fans out there. The rifle bearing is one of the newest technologies, and this is also used in this Neon Led Fan. Almost no wires make sure that you have no wire mess in your case like with Cold Cathode Fans. It's rather difficult to plug off the 3pin connector, and it's hard to screw the screws to the fan. But I would say a great fan, you surely have to think about it to buy one!

  • 4 blue LEDs makes sure you have the best glowing effect
  • Easy to see through the fan
  • Noise/speed quality
  • Comes with case screws and pass through 3 to 4 pin connector
  • Rifle Bearing
  • Almost no wires

  • Difficult to plug the 3pin connector off your motherboard
  • Hard to screw the screws to the fan

    The Neon Led Fan from Cooler Master receives a 9/10 from Dvhardware

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    Added: February 21st 2003
    Product reviewed: Coolermaster Neon Led Fan TLF-R82
    Reviewer: Lordrazer
    Score: 9/10
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