Crystalfontz 632 USB LCD Screen review

The 632 USB LCD screen really impressed me! The installation was plain simple. No need to solder any things on the LCD Screen, you only need to stick in the USB cable and install the drivers. It can be mounted in your drive bays, but you can also use it on other places like on your desk with a desk case. Or you could mod it into some other things! (Like the front doors of some Antec cases). The only real negative thing I could find was his price.
The LCD screen from LC-Design in Europe is available for 54,91EUR. You'll also need a USB cable, this costs an extra 7,50EUR. The mounting bracket kit is available for 41,28 EUR (This also includes a USB cable)
In America they're available from Crystalfontz : The LCD screen costs $42, the USB cable $5. The mounting bracket kit and USB cable costs $30

Little update from LC Design :
"One thing related to the prices. It would be good if you could mention, that the prices in our shop are including VAT (16%). The price from USA is without VAT and sometimes necessary tax payment.
Besides this we could give a special price if at least 5 people will combine their orders. We will reduce the price by five percent or by one percent in addition for each additional buyer.
Our forums stand open if anyone is interested in combining their orders :-)

The Good Things:
- Easy to read from all corners.
- Easy installation.
- Can be used for various things, almost endless posibilities
- Lots of good software avaible for it (Like the Winamp Visualisations!)

The bad stuff:
- Expensive

Linkage to some nice LCD software :
- CrystalControl
- LCDriver
- LCDMax

Added: March 3rd 2003
Product reviewed: Crystalfontz 632 USB LCD Screen
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10
Page: 3/3

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